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If you’ve found your way here, you’ve almost probably been blessed with a small kitchen and you’re trying to figure out how to make it work. You’ve come to the right location, we can assure you. Because as you scroll down, you’ll be shown how to make a small kitchen design work for you in many space-saving, space-enlarging, and practical methods.

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So, without any delay, let’s have a look at some of the best small kitchen ideas for your apartment.


1. Make Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

small kitchen

Image Credit: Original Style

The floor may make a tiny kitchen feel bigger if you like the pattern. Any design that generates lines that lead the eye across the kitchen will assist to make it feel even bigger, and limiting the color palette of the tiles you choose will amplify the impact even more.This type of kitchen flooring becomes the focal point of the space, and it works best when the cabinets and walls are all the same color, so there are no creative clashes. If the space is open plan, you can also use tiles to divide the kitchen area.

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2. Small Kitchen Ideas: Play With Colors

Small Kitchen Ideas
Image Credit: Future / David Lovatt

Even when looking for small kitchen ideas, you don’t have to play it safe when it comes to color schemes (learn how to choose the color scheme). To keep the area airy, conventional thinking dictates light and bright with shiny materials, yet the contrary might work just as well.

The kitchen will feel smart with dark and moody charcoal cabinetry and a dramatic lighting plan (learn how to choose to light for your house), but clever use of mirrors, regardless of color scheme, will create a better perception of space.

Also, don’t skimp on kitchen lighting options. Include appropriate work lighting under cabinets for food preparation, as well as in-drawer and in-cabinet illumination where possible, to ensure that you can always see what’s within.

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3. Kitchen Colors: Add a Pop Of Color

Kitchen Colors
Image Credit: Future / Polly Wreford
In a small kitchen, don’t be afraid to be dramatic with your color choices. A dramatic splash of crimson could be the difference between a cold, confined environment and one that is intriguing and thrilling.


4. Go For Reflective Kitchen Backsplash

kitchen backsplash
Image Credit: Tom Howley
We all know mirrors make a space look bigger, so why not throw a few into your kitchen? Alternatively, opting for reflective surfaces, such as gloss, will help bounce light around the room, making it appear bigger and brighter.


5. Add Your Kitchen Appliance For Higher Appearance

kitchen appliaces

Image Credit: Tom Howley

Refrigerators, dryers, and dishwashers are examples of integrated appliances that make a room appear larger and more organized.
Yes, you’ll have to open a cupboard to get to them, but the overall look will be cleaner than a jumble of various elements in a tiny space.


6. Get A Movable Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Island

Image Credit: Cotswold Co.

A moveable kitchen island may be moved around the room as needed, making it more adaptable than its stationary counterpart.
There is no plumbing, electricity, or gas in these mobile choices. Tables, trollies, and units on wheels are the most common types, but they come in a variety of forms, from industrial to classic farmhouse kitchen islands.


7.  Use Pale Pink Kitchen Tiles

kitchen tiles
Image Credit: Owen Gale
Violent Dent’s bright London home features an IKEA kitchen with pale pink tiles from Topps Tiles and a Matilda Goad lampshade for adding vibrancy.


8. Compact Gallery Kitchen Design

Kitchen design

Image Credits: Jake Curtis

Designer Ben Pentreath’s modest flat’s compact galley kitchen is bright, with white cabinets and storage, but not clinical, thanks to the striking dark green walls. Paint Library’s ‘Euphorbia’ is a comparable color.


9. Use Horizontal For Kitchen Walls

Kitchen walls

Image Credit: Simon Brown

The kitchen walls at Vanessa Macdonald’s exquisite home in Oxfordshire are lined with painted horizontal boards made of rough-hewn timber, and the cabinets are a fun shade of teal that matches the stair canister.


10. Create An Illusion Of A Big Space From Kitchen Lights

Kitchen Lights

Via: One Kindesign

Using under cabinet lighting or under the counter to create the illusion of more space. The kitchen can be made to appear larger and more appealing with the right lighting.


11. Have Kitchen Island With Seating

Kitchen island With Seating
Via: One Kindesign
The days of setting up a card table and hauling in some fold-up chairs are long gone. These kitchen islands not only provide additional counter and storage space, but they can also provide seats. You’ll have a little more seating room and a lot more style with beautiful kitchen islands.


12. Use Glass Door For Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets
Via: One Kindesign
Glass fronts lighten the look of cabinetry and allow the eye to go through the kitchen to the back, making the space appear larger. Just make sure the interiors aren’t cluttered or the purpose will be defeated.


13. Use Pull-out Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet
Via: One Kindesign
This pullout cabinet doubles as storage and a chopping block in tiny kitchens, and it can be moved to the middle of the kitchen and stored when not in use to save room.


14. Kitchen Organization Ideas: Remove Clutter

Kitchen Organization Ideas
Via: One Kindesign
Avoid overcrowding counters, shelves, and cabinets, which gives the impression that the room is bursting at the seams. Instead, concentrate on a few notable goods and essentials while concealing the rest.


15. Use Open Kitchen Shelf

Kitchen Shelf
Via: One Kindesign
Reduce clutter by setting up an open shelf to display your plates and cutlery.


16. The Kitchen Of Slimline Base Cabinet

The Kitchen
Image Credit: Tom Howley
Slimline base cabinets may be a good choice if you need a bit of extra floor space because they are created with a shallower depth. However, this means that you won’t be able to keep any large pans in them, so you’ll need to find another place to store these essentials or size them down.


17. Provide Eye-Catching Details With kitchen Countertop Storage

kitchen countertops

Image Credit: Jon Stewart
Attention-grabbing touches aren’t reserved for the big boys. Neutrals aren’t for everyone, and the size of your kitchen shouldn’t force you to be conservative. Decorative items will give a splash of color and maybe simply be updated to keep up with new kitchen trends. Lampshades, shutters, artwork, and countertop storage are all low-cost possibilities.


18. Kitchen Ideas- Focus On Form And Function

Kitchen Ideas

Image Credit: Future / David Lovatt

With handleless cabinetry, you can easily create a fuss-free, family-friendly design. It’s a style that works nicely in both modern and period houses, and it’s available in several finishes ranging from high-gloss white to textured woods and ceramics.
A handleless layout, especially one in a cool white, can appear clinical, but using a few natural elements will soften the look. Consider including a colorful patterned tile backsplash or wooden worktops. Stone or wood floors are other practical options for a kitchen that will help to create a layered, textured impression.


19. Make A Statement With Kitchen Floor Tiles

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Image Credit: Acron Cottage

A jazzy flooring design may make a great difference in infusing the area with energy and design features when it comes to making the most of your small kitchen decor. Choosing a tile with a striking design can help to open up the space rather than make it feel overly crowded. Furthermore, because you have a smaller space to work with, you will pay less for fewer tiles while still enjoying the benefits of beautiful aesthetics. We’ve heard that a puppy can make any kitchen even better (that’s a great tip!).


20. Up Against One Wall Kitchen


Image Credit: Devol Kitchen

Some homes just do not have enough space to dedicate a whole room to a kitchen, particularly in urban areas. But don’t worry, if that’s the case, you can still create a beautiful kitchen space by lining up all of the cupboards, white goods, and basics along one wall. When it comes down to it, you’d be amazed how little room a kitchen actually requires. Most importantly, this creates a very social kitchen and can fill any wall space with design elements to further integrate the new compact kitchen area into the current room.


21. Small Kitchen Storage Ideas From A Gallery Wall

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas
Image Credit: Instagram / Home.in.sfourty4
If you’re looking for smart galley kitchen ideas, try transforming the end wall space into a design and storage bonanza. This property has chosen dark paint color to define the area as unique and decorated it with a kind of gallery wall in the higher region (which would be more difficult to reach otherwise), while the more easily accessible middle wall part is dedicated to hanging crockery and utensils. This makes sense for both daily-use cookware and visually enhancing the environment.


22. Small Kitchen Design To Your Advantage

Small Kitchen Design

Image Credit: Instagram / Graceinteriorinspo

You haven’t explored this option before? When it comes to getting the most of the kitchen space you have to work with, using the angles of a sloping ceiling to your advantage is such a clever approach. If you have a ladder lying around the house, there’s no harm in climbing all the way to the ceiling, which creates a striking aesthetic effect when paired with a crucial kitchen design. This home has used the same bright white color throughout to connect the entire space together nicely.


23. Small Kitchen Decor Ideas

Small Kitchen Decor ideas
Image Credit: James McDonald
Tobias Vernon’s cottage in Somerset is a study in contrast, with white walls throughout providing a backdrop for his inventive combinations of art and eccentric furnishings. The units in the tiny kitchen are painted in Farrow & Ball’s ‘Dutch Orange,’ which contrasts with Polymax’s ‘Circa’ industrial rubber flooring in forest green.


24. Go For U-Shaped Kitchen

U-Shaped Kitchen
Image Credit: Simon Brown
Beata Heuman’s answer for this compact London flat’s open-plan living room was a U-shaped kitchen. This quickly added another surface for serving food or serving as a bar. ‘It also created a wall against which the owners wished to place a banquette,’ Beata adds.


25. Use Modular Shelving

modular shelving
Image Courtesy: Danslelakehouse.com
Replace upper cabinets with a collage of cubbies and floating shelves to maximize wall space. Keep everyday kitchen necessities in the lower cabinets to free up space for more lovely items.


26. Hide Items In Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island

Image Credit: Jason Hartog

Keep linens, platters, and seasonal goods on your kitchen island so that your most-used products are easily accessible in upper cabinets.


27. L-Shaped Kitchen

L-Shaped Kitchen
Via: Square One
The appliances and counters are in the L-shape plan’s corner, running along perpendicular walls. There may or may not be an island within the L’s open space. While retaining an open feel, the L-shaped kitchen provides plenty of counter and storage space.

28. Replace Kitchen Chairs And Table With Breakfast Bar

Kitchen table and chairs

Image Credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer

Do you lack the space for a kitchen table and chairs? Consider replacing freestanding items with an integrated breakfast bar and stools in this small kitchen plan. They are multifunctional spaces that may be utilized for both food preparation and entertaining guests.


29. Add Interest With Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles

Image Credit: Tile Giant

Adding vivid patterns and colors to a small kitchen can be difficult and overwhelming.
Instead of wasting time looking for kitchen wallpaper ideas that work or a paint color that isn’t too bright, look to the floor to add pattern and color.
We love these Laura Ashley tiles from Tile Giant, but if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out these amazing patterned floor tile designs, or if patterned floors aren’t your style, check out our other kitchen flooring ideas.


30. Change Countertop Into Dining Table

Dining Table
Image Credit: Kasia Fiszer
You may not have enough space in a smaller kitchen to install an island or a breakfast bar, but you can cleverly create a similar effect on a smaller scale with your kitchen countertop.
As seen above, you might continue your kitchen surface around a corner, or you could just leave space underneath your worktop and replace a cabinet with something like this smaller metallic unit.
Copper is also a good choice because it does not produce a solid block in the room, which could break up the area and make it appear smaller.


31. Small Kitchen Remodels – Let The Light In

Small kitchen remodels
Image Credit: Urban Company / Naksh Interior
If you’re remodeling a closed kitchen space, consider if you can integrate a window that takes your gaze out into the open and allows plenty of light to come in. You may forego some additional storage, but your kitchen will not appear claustrophobic.


32. Make Narrow Space Big With High Ceiling Kitchen

High Ceiling Kitchen

Image Credit: Tile Mountain

Don’t feel confined to the same old design techniques when it comes to small kitchens. This homeowner was stuck with a really unique kitchen area that was narrow but had quite high ceilings. They went high with their decorations to work with the architecture rather than against it, which gave more storage space. The eye-catching lighting and the wall decal lead the eye up, making the high ceiling rather than the limited space the focal feature of this kitchen. While the cabinets and walls are white, the multi-colored backsplash adds color to this little area.


33. Use Floor -To-Ceiling Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen Furniture

Image Credit: Row Job

This homeowner was stuck with a really unique kitchen area that was narrow but had quite high ceilings. This astute homeowner has made the most of a little kitchen space. They transformed a whole kitchen counter, replete with a sink, microwave, and open shelving space, into a stunning floor-to-ceiling furniture piece. This artwork is equally lovely when open as it is when closed. Not only have they created a charming utilitarian corner, but the demure touches ensure that this piece blends in well with the rest of their shabby chic home design.


34. Go For Corner Kitchen

Corner Kitchen
Via: Style At Life
Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have all of the comforts you’ve always wanted in your kitchen! This minimalist kitchen combines storage and cooking surfaces into a single space. Because of the white backdrop to the decor and its streamlined form, the monochrome layout feels bright and airy. It’s your own cozy alcove in one part of the room, yet it’s still spacious and tidy.


35. Go For Dark Tiny Kitchen

Tiny Kitchen

Via: Decoholic

No one can disagree that white kitchens, no matter how tiny they are, appear brighter and larger. This isn’t to argue that dark hues aren’t appropriate here. Yes, you read that correctly. You might utilize stronger colors in any of the small kitchen designs you see. This, however, serves a much more vital role. That is, making your little kitchen look as modern as possible. Furthermore, with the correct elements, you may still make sensible counter space choices.


36. Use Vertical Space For Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils
Image Credit: Victoria Pearson
Hang pots in several locations to make the most of your space. Keep your most-used pots and pans above your oven, and your specialist cookware above your kitchen island (or vice versa, depending on your preference).


37. Be A Maximilast With Kitchen Decor

Kitchen Decor

Image Credit: Brian Woodcock

Alternatively, go all out with bold patterns, colors, rugs, and ornamental elements. Piling it on with the intention will make your area feel warm rather than cluttered.
38. Opt For Classic Kitchen
Classic Kitchen

Via: Good Housekeeping

To deceive the eye, combine traditional horizontal subway tile with a creamy, all-white palette.

39. Double Your Kitchen With Mirror Backsplash

Mirror Backsplash
Image Credit: Humphrey Munson
A mirrored backsplash is a great option for a small kitchen since the reflection instantly makes the space appear brighter and larger.
In a period-style kitchen, choose antiqued glass for an easy-to-maintain choice, or clear mirrored panels in a contemporary kitchen.


40. Extend Kitchen To Your Dining Room

Dining Room

Image Credit: Ursula

When you have an open concept floor plan, you may make your tiny kitchen appear larger by allowing it to flow into the neighboring room. However, if one room’s theme and color scheme are substantially different from the other, the illusion may be hampered. Include similar color schemes, patterns, and finishes from the rooms around it when designing and decorating your kitchen to make it feel like an extension rather than an interruption.
How To Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger?
Here are some quick tips that you can do right now to make your kitchen look bigger-
  • Make use of transparent elements.
Your kitchen will appear larger with an unobstructed physical and visual path. Your eye will continue to view through the space rather than coming to an abrupt halt if the sightlines in your kitchen are kept open.
Clean plastic chairs, floating islands, bar surfaces, backless barstools, and glass pendant lighting can all help you achieve this style.
  • Integrate Mirrors
Mirrors are well-known for making a room appear larger, but it’s remarkable how many people only use mirrors in the bedroom or bathroom and never consider using them in the kitchen.
A large mirror that spans one wall may be rather stunning, especially when it reflects a table or kitchen countertop that is flat against it.
To achieve the same effect, use a mirrored backsplash or mirrored cabinets.
  • Go For Reflective Surfaces

Other reflected materials, in addition to mirrors, can make a kitchen appear larger.

  1. Glass Tile
  2. Shiny Floors
  3. High-gloss paint
  4. Stainless Steel Appliances
  5. Glossy Cabinets


How To Organize A Small Kitchen?

A kitchen requires a variety of appliances such as a toaster, coffee machine, pots, and utensils of various types. You won’t be able to cook in a small kitchen because there isn’t enough space. Some kitchen organization ideas are right here for you to apply right now!

  • Items can be hung within the cabinet

A set of hook screws can be mounted on the inside of a cabinet door. Because they’re so small, they won’t pierce the door’s outer layer. In fact, they’ll only have measuring cups and spoons because they’re so small. You’ll never grasp the wrong hook again if you identify each one.

  • Make use of basket drawers.

Basket drawers are quite helpful since they can be stacked to form multi-functional units. If you put several in a cabinet, you’ll instantly double the storage capacity. Plus, each drawer comes out of the frame, making it easy to access the contents. Each drawer can be labeled with a certain item.

  • Create Refrigerator Shelve

Your refrigerator is equipped with a number of storage options. It has crisper drawers, and several of the shelves might use a little extra support. Ordinary plastic storage devices, such as those used in an office, can be transformed into shelf organizers, for example, those used for magazines can hold individual pudding cups.

  • Use Shower Bar In The Kitchen

Yes, it’s the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose clean bathroom goods. These thin bars are just the ideal size to be unobtrusive until you hang objects from them. Place a few larger jars on top of them, full of utensils, and you’ll have freed up some counter space.



How Can I Decorate A Small Kitchen?

Decorating a small kitchen can be approached in the same way as in a larger kitchen. In other words, pick finishes and decorative elements that please you and complement the style of the rest of your home. But it’s really important to understand that every choice you make for a small kitchen will be magnified by the compact conditions.

So, if you were to choose a paint color, bold tiles, or a maximalist wallpaper for the walls, each will feel that much more vivid and dominating than in a larger kitchen. For this reason, it is a good idea to limit your choice of decorative layers to just two and to keep them to specific areas of the room.
Alternatively, go for subtlety and remember that in a small kitchen, toning down your choices by a little can still be quite effective.
What Is The Best Small Kitchen Layout?
A galley plan is a popular choice for tiny kitchen layouts. Galley kitchens have a timeless appeal due to their linear simplicity, regardless of how large or small your space is. A galley kitchen is a compact option that is both practical and surprisingly beautiful, especially as open plan living becomes more common.

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