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It’s the color of the sky and the sea, which is probably why blue has an innately soothing quality to it—and why it’s such a logical choice for the home’s hearth. When coupled with marble counters, navy cabinets feel professional, while periwinkle appliances have a fun edge. You might also use azure to upholster a banquette or ultramarine to tile your floors. The color blue is used in clever, imaginative, and very comfortable ways in each of these 40 blue kitchens. It’s a blue mood, but it’s a good kind of blue.

#40: Blue Kitchen Ideas

kitchen table

1. Hage Blue

However, in Susan and Ben Work’s kitchen, Hague Blue’s timeless elements of marble and brass bring out the hue’s current green overtones.

kitchen sink

2. The Background Blue

Paint – Heron Blue By Portola

This balanced tone, with a classic leaning, can go beach cool or inland sophisticated, depending on the materials, fixtures, and other design features you add to the room. In the instance of this oceanfront property in Marina del Rey, Stefani Stein evoked the classic laid-back vibe of a California rancher by complementing the color with a quartzite countertop, a farmhouse sink, and wood floors.

kitchen shelf

3. The Oceanic Blue

Paint – Oval Room Blue By Farrow And Ball

A maritime blue complements the waterfront views beyond in this coastal Maine home designed by Heidi Lachapelle Interiors. While the softly weathered and not-too-nautical palette was influenced by a large oil painting in the same room, this color stands on its own.

kitchen set

4. The Relaxed Bohemian Blue

Paint – Boro By PaperMint

Sibella Court’s free attitude shines through in her Sydney kitchen, where a “subtle but tempestuous palette” reigns supreme. The somber, sea-inspired indigo she picked for the island and cabinets picks up the casual yet eclectic vibe and acts as an anchor for the simple elements she uses throughout her homes, such as zinc, brass, rope, leather, and cane.

kitchen mat

5. Green Blue

Paint – Olympus Green By Benjamin Moore

Barbie Palomino of Homepolish and her husband, Jason, wanted green and he wanted blue as they were refurbishing their 100-year-old Los Angeles home. Here comes the ideal compromise. A Carrara quartz countertop sets the tone for a fresh and clean space, while the bluish-green cabinet color adds the playful element the room requires.

kitchen lights

6. Barely Blue

Paint – Kentucky Haze By Benjamin Moore

This delicate neutral blue easily mixes the colors of the American landscape, inspired by the pale grey hues of the US coastline and the earth tones of the Southwestern desert. It seems only natural that the natural shade found a home in Kim West’s Austin residence. The inserted appliances merge nicely into the gorgeous landscape in classic camouflage fashion.

kitchen island

7. Sky Blue

Paint – Solitude By Benjamin Moore

Designer Elizabeth Stamos saved over $30,000 on her kitchen redesign by just painting the fronts of her cherrywood Shaker-style cabinets in this classy tone. She customized the style by adding trim to the tops of the cabinets.

kitchen ideas

8. Grounding Blue

Paint – Blue Note By Benjamin Moore

The deep navy blue island in this Studio McGee–designed area functions as a focal force in the nearly all-white space. The subway tile and pristine white uppers have gained so much character due to the statement moment.

kitchen faucet

9. Professional Blue

Paint – Gentleman’s Gray By Benjamin Moore

Gentleman’s Gray is the blue swatch equal of a wise British man in a top hat: formal, fitted, and completely classic. However, the sophisticated nature of the color lends itself particularly well to edgy and contemporary designs. Take, for example, this out-of-the-ordinary kitchen by Black Lacquer Design. When paired with a rich piece of black marble, the matte hue pops.

kitchen design ideas

10. Retro Blue

Paint – Lambeth Walk By Mylands

Consider this seamless London kitchen by Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of 2LG Studio to be the ultimate justification for embracing subtle color. Given the vintage feel of the pale blue color, the couple took a modern approach to the cabinetry by choosing cutouts over hardware. Whitehead explains, “We had cherrywood inserted in the backs of the cutout finger pull handles on the drawers and handles to mirror the original cherrywood doors throughout the apartment.” “The warmth of the cherrywood complements the chilly blue beautifully.”

kitchen cabinets

11. Vacation Blue

Paint – In The Tropics By Benjamin Moore

Edith Young’s New York City kitchen is reminiscent of blue waters in the Caribbean, and one can practically feel the warm ocean air. Young cleverly employed the swatch, concentrating on a smaller region so that its opulent color could have a big visual impact, given its sensual tones.

kitchen appliances

12. English Blue

Paint – Hicks Blue By Little Greene

Tiffany Grant-Riley chose this lovely matte color for her Edwardian property in Kent, England, and it was a natural choice for the ancient area (the home is more than a century old). She painted the wall adjacent to the cupboards in the same color as the cupboards, making it appear as if they were part of the same unit.


13. Fan-Favorite Blue

Paint – Hague Blue By Farrow And Ball

It’s easy to see why Hague Blue has become the most popular kitchen and beyond swatch: it’s highly versatile. The bold shade takes on a Mediterranean perspective against a geometric tiled backsplash in a peaceful San Francisco home by Saffron and Poe.

royal blue kitchen

14. Royal Blue Kitchen

One of the most typical methods to incorporate color, or in this case, blue, cabinets into the kitchen is lower cabinetry. By doing so, you may bring a splash of color to the kitchen without overwhelming it. Adding blue lower cabinets is a fantastic idea, especially when combined with white cabinets!

white kitchen cabinets

15. Kitchen Shelf With Blue Walls

Metallic accents in the kitchen contribute to a stunningly mature appearance. Nothing beats the warmth of copper and metallic tones for cabinet handles, taps, and even appliances.

‘Manufacturers are getting more daring with their designs these days, and a built-in oven, for example, doesn’t have to be a glazed black box any longer. ‘There’s certainly still a strong demand for these, but eye-catching metallic accents, for example, offer something different from the standard,’ says Maurizio Severgnini, managing director of Bertazzoni.

kitchen tiles

16. Blue Kitchen Ideas

Timber Trails designed this kitchen, which is yet another navy showstopper! The dark blue cabinets contrast beautifully with the natural wood of the island, tying everything together.

I’m also in love with the black grout of the subway tile backsplash; it’s not something you see very frequently, and I think it looks great in this kitchen!

kitchen table

17. Kitchen Island

White is by far the best countertop color for blue cabinet kitchens. A gorgeous, pure white countertop, such as quartz, works beautifully with any hue of blue cabinetry. Whether your cabinets are navy blue, dark blue, or light blue, white countertops will lighten the room and are quite flexible.

kitchen tile

18. Kitchen Tiles

White subway tiles are the way to go if you want a backsplash that will blend with any color, theme, or decoration in your kitchen! Because of their adaptability, these are an excellent choice. They are available in any color, size, and configuration. White subway tiles look well with blue kitchen cabinets, so they’re a great and easy choice!

kitchen paint colors

19. Light Blue Kitchen Design

Life on Virginia Street, a blogger, created this kitchen. Her blue kitchen has a distinct beach vibe. I adore the embellishments, especially the wicker pendants! Please go to her website and show her some love.!

navy blue kitchen

20. Navy Blue Kitchen

A stunning slab of butcher block is another countertop choice for kitchens with blue cabinets. Butcher block worktops are an excellent choice since they are available in any color of wood stain imaginable, so no matter what hue your blue cabinets are, you have an infinite number of alternatives for butcher block counters.

navy blue cabinets

21. Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Navy blue cabinets are the way to go for a more daring look. They make a modern statement in any kitchen with their rich blue tone. Navy cabinets come in a variety of styles, ranging from raised panels to flat-faced doors and drawers.

Navy shaker cabinets, on the other hand, are the latest trend in kitchen design and a client favorite at Lily Ann Cabinets!

kitchen faucet

22. Kitchenaid

Chris Jacob of Jacob Design Co-created this stunning kitchen (photos via HomeBunch). I really like how the black cabinets contrast with the bright white countertops.

kitchen design

23. Light Blue Kitchen Design

When it comes to countertops to go with blue cabinets, white seems like the natural choice. Most people don’t understand that black counters look well with blue woodwork.

Black countertops will work well with any hue of blue, especially if you have black hardware or light fixtures that match. If the black is too dark for you, try a black countertop with lighter veins.

light blue kitchen

24. Light Blue Kitchen

Looking for something as unique as your wonderfully tinted blue kitchen cabinets? Combining blue cabinetry with a patterned or mosaic backsplash is sure to be a show-stopper.

This aesthetic is not for everyone, but if you want your kitchen to stand out, this is a great way to do so. Finding an appropriately patterned backsplash does not have to be difficult.

As shown in the image above, the light blue kitchen cabinets are coupled with gold hardware that complements the patterned backsplash flawlessly.

As a result, when looking for the perfect backsplash, make sure that at least one of the kitchen colors fits the rest of the kitchen!

kitchen colors

25. Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen belongs to Addison’s Wonderland, a blogger. This blue is stunning! A lot of my home’s decor is comparable to this robin’s egg blue. It shouts seaside and springtime to me. I also like how it contrasts with the gold kitchen faucet.

kitchen cabinets

26. Dark Navy Kitchen Cabinet

This transitional kitchen was developed by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs! This dark navy kitchen is stunning; talk about a statement kitchen! The proprietors of this kitchen took a big gamble with this design, and boy did it pay off!

The best thing about these dark cabinets is their ability to disguise dirt and fingerprints! That is the one negative aspect of the light-colored cabinets! Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy is the color of these cabinets.

kitchen cabinets

27. Cherry Floor Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen features Moody light blue kitchen cabinetry with Robin’s egg coastal blue cabinets. The dark cherry floors, combined with the cherry blossom branches, give the room a Scandinavian feel. With these enormous windows, it appears more spacious and large.

blue kitchen design

28. Blue Kitchen Design

Here she is, the queen of all backsplash alternatives! This option entails matching your countertops to your backsplash to create a completely seamless look in the kitchen. This alternative not only has a lovely effect but also saves you the hassle of looking for a nice backsplash option.

Blue kitchen cabinets stand out and seem even more attractive when paired with white counters and a matching backsplash. This option will undoubtedly transform your kitchen into a fantasy kitchen.

blue kitchen cabinets

29. Blue Kitchen Cabinets

To incorporate blue cabinets into your kitchen, place them on your kitchen island. A kitchen island with blue cabinets is always a terrific way to add some cabinetry differentiation inside a kitchen, regardless of the color you choose.

The navy blue cabinets, as shown in the image above, give a nice contrast to the rest of the white in the kitchen. Including a blue island in your kitchen is a decision you will not be sorry for!

light blue kitchen cabinets

30. Gray Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Want a more classic, non-flashy style that will complement your blue kitchen cabinets? Because they are both cool-toned, pairing silver hardware with blue kitchen cabinetry always works. Plus points if they match the appliances perfectly!

blue cabinets

31. Blue Cabinets

Do you want to create a dark and moody kitchen? A deeper shade may be the best option for you. Combine dark blue cabinetry with gold elements such as hardware, faucets, and light fixtures to create a magazine-worthy kitchen in no time.

Another advantage of dark blue cabinetry is that it conceals stains better than lighter cabinet hues.

blue and white kitchen

32. Blue And White Kitchen

The cabinets and beams that run across the V-groove board ceiling are painted in Benjamin Moore’s James River Gray (AC-23).

blue cabinets

33. Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Looking for something a little more one-of-a-kind for your kitchen? A brick backsplash is not only long-lasting, but it also looks classic when paired with blue cabinets.

Depending on the hardware and decor used, incorporating brick into a kitchen gives off an industrial vibe. Brick backsplashes are an excellent way to add warmth to your kitchen, especially if you have dark blue kitchen cabinets!

navy blue kitchen walls

34. Navy Blue Kitchen Walls

Laura used Hague Blue as a backdrop for the rustic shelves on her kitchen walls. The contrast of wood, plants, copper, and greys against the blue is stunning.

kitchen utensils

35. Blue Matte

An uneven light grey backsplash tile serves as a subtle yet stunning backdrop for the kitchen, dark counters were replaced with white, and black slate flooring, and black metal elements throughout gave depth and interest.

kitchen cupboard

36. Bright Blue

This lovely color is fresh, bright, and cheerful, and it’s very suitable for a kitchen. Benjamin Moore’s Caribbean Mist.

navy blue kitchen cabinets with brass faucet

37. Navy Blue And White

Tyler and Jessica Marés of Renovate108 wanted their 1,500 sq. ft. kitchen to make a bold statement. track home in suburban L.A., so they chose dark navy cabinets to achieve that goal. It was a risky design decision, but as you can see, it paid off handsomely.

They achieved this fantastic effect by painting the fronts of the Slab and Shaker styles in a dark navy tone that adds drama and sophistication.

kitchen garden

38. Turquoise Blue

The turquoise cabinets, painted in Sherwin-Williams “Composed,” are the star of the show and a fantastic match for the waterfront setting in Warwick, Rhode Island!

With the ceiling, farmhouse sink, and subway tile backsplash, they managed to keep it timeless. The all-white scheme balances off the cabinetry’s bright color, while the wood floor and bar stools bring warmth to the room.

kitchen towel

39. Blue Sage

Blue Sage has a light blue base with a strong grey undertone. It may appear as faded blue jeans on the walls, depending on the light source or time of day.

kitchen tools

40. Aqua Blue

Bold and aqua-blue cottage-styled kitchen.


1. What kitchen colors are trending for 2023?

The current trend is for walls to be neutral and cabinets to be colorful. Consider emerald greens, warm woods, one-of-a-kind metals, and blues. These vibrant colors are both playful and powerful, creating an eye-catching effect.

2. What is the best blue color for kitchen cabinets?

Some of the best blue colors for the kitchen are Solitude by Benjamin Moore, Blue Note by Benjamin Moore, Hicks Blue by Little Greene, Lambeth Walk by Mylands, Kentucky Haze by Benjamin Moore, Oval Room Blue by Farrow Ball, Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball, Gentleman’s Gray by Benjamin Moore, In the Tropic by Benjamin Moore, Heron Blue by Portola, Boro by PeperMint, and Olympus Green by Benjamin Moore.

3. What shade of blue is most calming?

The secret to a relaxing atmosphere, according to recent research, is Navy Blue—and there’s evidence to back it up. According to research undertaken by the University of Sussex and British papermaker G.F. Smith, navy blue is the most calming color.

4. Which color is not good for the kitchen?

Dark greys, such as slates and even off-black tones, should be avoided in the kitchen. Gray is a modern color that is popular in other sections of today’s homes, but when it comes to kitchen décor, it does not trigger a welcoming experience.

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