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With these farmhouse dining room design ideas, you will know why, in the world of interior design, the farmhouse decor style is one of the most popular. People throughout the country, particularly those who live in rural areas, adored incorporating this family-friendly design style into their homes. Even if you don’t live in the country, you may appreciate this design style from the heart of a major city or the suburbs. When you want to create an oasis at home, it might give your home that warm, pastoral vibe. Here are 32 farmhouse dining room decor ideas for you.

What Is Farmhouse Style?

The farmhouse style is a design aesthetic that reflects the simplicity and coziness of rural living. It often features natural materials, neutral colors, and rustic accents. Farmhouse style can be traditional or modern, depending on the preferences and influences of the homeowners.

#32 Farmhouse Dining Room Design Ideas

farmhouse dining room table set

1. Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room Table Set

This dining table set creates a welcoming environment in the dining area. The rustic wooden table looks great when paired with black wooden dining chairs. You may brighten up the room by placing a vase of wildflowers on the table.

farmhouse dining room table

2. Neutrals Dining Room Paint Colors

White and grey are neutral hues that give the dining area a clean and neat appearance. To create an exquisite atmosphere, this farmhouse dining room incorporates grey into every nook and piece of furniture, including the dining table, chairs, carpet, candles, and chandelier.

farmhouse dining room paint colors

3. Wooden Farmhouse Dining Table

A large wooden dining table with benches or seats, as well as décor patterns with strong lines, gives the kitchen the appearance of being ancient and rustic, a bit wild and country.

farmhouse dining room chandelier

4. Cage Shaped Dining Room Chandelier

This cage-shaped dining room chandelier with a black metal twisted frame dates back to the late 1800s. It complements the long black wooden dining table below. It has a clean and beautiful look.

modern farmhouse dining room light

5. A Touch of Traditional Charm

In a rustic room, a crystal chandelier? It may seem illogical, but this Newport Beach home demonstrates how well the two complement each other. What is the secret to success? Look for a fixture that incorporates blackened steel or aged bronze. Add a touch of glitz without detracting from the look.

modern farmhouse dining room lighting decor

6. Dome Pendant Light

The round wooden dining table is complemented by dark hardwood flooring. It contrasts with the white wooden wishbone chairs with woven wicker seats. This lovely look is completed with a farmhouse-style dome pendant light suspended from the white ceiling.

farmhouse dining room chairs

7. Wishbone Chairs

The decorative lighting above warns the wooden dining table of its darker brown hue. The white wooden wishbone chairs have rustic woven wicker seats.

farmhouse dining room

8. A Hand-Made Touch

A rustic dining room should have a handcrafted feel, and Joyful Derivatives blogger Rachel Joy’s DIYed “Stay Awhile” sign is the thing to do. (Plus, who can say no to low-cost home decor?)

farmhouse dining room rug

9. Use A Woven Jute Rug

As this setup from Fox Hollow Cottage demonstrates, every rustic dining room requires a bit of texture. After all, the look is all about honoring nature, and natural elements are perfect with lots of texture. It can be as simple as a woven jute rug under the table and dried flowers in a vase. Extra points for a reclaimed wood ceiling beam that was left unfinished.

formal dining room

10. Formal Dining Room

This is a formal dining room with a mirror-topped fireplace. On one side, there is a majestic chandelier, and on the other, there is a patterned area rug underneath. These look great with the dark wood dining table.

rustic farmhouse dining room

11. Rustic Farmhouse

Cecily from Cecy J Interiors transformed this family’s rustic home into an exquisite new look. A little white paint and a few luxury accessories, such as a chandelier, make all the difference in this bright and open room.

farmhouse dining room paint color

12. Black In The Dining

One color, in particular, goes well with rustic decor: black. Emily Starr of mStarr Design used an ebony China cabinet and black picture frames in her dining room to add drama and contrast to the space.

modern farmhouse dining room ideas

13. A Pastoral Makeover

You don’t need a large floor plan to take advantage of the rustic trend. With shiplap walls, a round wood table, farmhouse dining chairs, a clear vase filled with seasonal blooms, and a bit of greenery. Jennifer from ‘Delightfully Noted’ gave her modest dining room a pastoral makeover.

farmhouse dining room table decor

14. Rustic Dining

When it comes to seating, the rustic dining table decor is all about a laid-back approach. So mix and match instead of choosing a cohesive set. Dining is a great way to add extra seating around the dining table. It also gives you the chance to use a plush sheepskin or two.

farmhouse dining room set

15. Give It California Cool

Consider a rustic dining room with a hint of California cool, like Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors’ moody scene. The woven leatherbacks and contrasting seat cushions complement the wrought iron dining chairs. The look complements the muted color scheme, simple decor, and candelabra chandelier.

farmhouse dining room light

16. Rustic Lighting

There are no rules when it comes to rustic lighting. To achieve that classic farmhouse look, mix and match a group of pendants, sconces, table lamps, and even a floor lamp. Textured lampshades can add a splash of pattern and visual interest to a room while also providing the perfect amount of ambiance.

dining room table

17. French Vintage Dining

A wooden dining table set, paired with a charming weathered iron chandelier and a standing clock. It will transform the dining room into a lovely, pretty, and romantic space reminiscent of a French farmhouse.

modern dining room sets

18. Modern Dining Sets

The hardwood flooring complements the large rectangular wooden dining table. The wooden chairs surround the dining table and are topped with a simple decorative chandelier.

dining room table centerpieces

19. Kitchen And Dining

A kitchen and dining room with tulip flower centerpieces and plenty of natural light. It will make people feel relaxed and energized, as well as satisfy their appetite for a delicious meal.

dining room paint colors

20. Blend Of Neutral And Light Colors

In this urban farmhouse, the combination of neutral and light colors in this decor idea blows a spring breeze. The house owner also decorates the interior space with beautiful fresh flowers to make it more charming.

dining room decor ideas

21. Nature’s Touch

The cozy gathering space in your house will look fresh and wild. With natural earthy wreaths and pots of small trees and green grass, it will give the house a good, homey country feel.

farmhouse dining

22. Cottage-Style Farmhouse

For any farmhouse, this cottage-style decor is a traditional, familiar, charming, and fascinating design. The neutral, rustic Christmas style adds warmth and a festive feel to your home.

dining room sets

23. Wood, Iron, And Brass

Living on a farm necessitates the incorporation of as many raw materials inside the home as it does outside. This dining room is a beautiful combination of wood, iron, and brass.

dining room chair

24. Spindle Black Chairs

Spindle-back chairs, such as the ones in this dining room, are a must-have for any farmhouse. The black finish looks fantastic with the iron light fixture and white shiplap in the dining room.

dining room wall decor

25. Keep Your Dining Room Airy

Fresh air and plenty of natural light abound in the actual farmhouse. Blonde wood accents, brilliant white walls, plenty of windows, and delicate touches help to keep everything light and airy.

small dining room ideas

26. It’s OK To Go Small

Mile-long dining tables are lovely but don’t underestimate the power of a four-person dining room set. It creates the ideal vignette for intimate meals without compromising on aesthetics.

dining room light fixtures

27. Iron Light Fixture

The chandelier above your dining room table is a dead giveaway of fake country decor. Most homes have ceiling fans in the dining room, but replacing them with a simple wrought iron fixture would make all the difference.

dining room decor

28. Eclectic Undertone

The farmhouse design is appealing because it has an eclectic undertone. This spectacular chandelier above the dining table is usually made of expensive seashells. But this rope version is dazzling and fits well with this farmhouse-inspired space.

dining room ideas

29. Comfort And Sophistication

In any room, the finishing touches make all the difference. While the farmhouse is at the heart of this design, textural textures take it to new heights. This dining room blends comfort and sophistication. Exposed wood beams, layered table settings, long draperies, upholstered chairs, and a profusion of fresh flowers.

formal dining room

30. Formal Dining

This dining room in Alpharetta, Georgia, is stunning. Designer Elise Forness used a faux brick to create an accent wall that added texture and interest to this formal space. The attention to detail extended to the ceiling, which was topped off by a one-of-a-kind chandelier. A few touches of green and plant prints also added a neutral element to the room.

dining room with flower on it

31. Canadian Dining Tour

Beautiful Canadian blogger Jamie created Canadian Spring Dining in her dining room. She bought two dozen roses along with some seeded eucalyptus for a centerpiece. She placed the roses in the beautiful copper-made champagne bucket. A French linen table runner was placed in the middle of the table and kept crumpled. Adding flowers changes and brightens the look of anything, don’t you agree?

white dining room

32. White Dining Room

A ten-seat dining table, among other things, is an intangible element that helps to keep this room’s true farmhouse style. Less visual clutter appears to be the goal here. Take note of the variety of textures and materials used.


1. How To Stage A Farmhouse Dining Room?

  • Use a wooden table and chairs with a natural or distressed finish.
  • Decorate the table with farmhouse-inspired accessories, such as a tray, a pitcher, a basket, or a stand.
  • Hang a statement lighting fixture above the table, such as a lantern, a chandelier, or a pendant light.
  • Highlight the fireplace if you have one, and decorate the mantel with greenery, a wreath, a mirror, or signs.
  • Add farmhouse elements to the walls and floors, such as shiplap, beadboard, wainscoting, or brick.
  • Use rugs, curtains, or wall art that have a farmhouse theme, such as floral prints, plaid patterns, or farm animals.

2. What Color Is Farmhouse Style?

Natural greens, browns, and blues feel timeless juxtaposed with crisp whites, giving a traditional palette a contemporary twist. By using soft textures and wooden accents, you may make it more cozier.

3. What Are Some Farmhouse Lighting Ideas?

  • Charming weathered iron chandelier: This is a graceful and rustic light fixture that has six candelabra bulbs and looping scroll arms. It can create a cozy and charming atmosphere at your dining table.
  • Brushed silver sconces with antique lightbulbs: These are elegant and vintage sconces that have exposed filament bulbs. They can provide bright and warm light to your bathroom or bedroom.
  • Adorable copper-hued birdcage pendant: This is a cute and whimsical pendant light that has an open-sided birdcage shape. It can add some character and interest to your kitchen or living room.
  • Suspended track lighting with Mason jar shades: This is a creative and casual light fixture that has hanging Mason jars with golden bulbs inside. It can give your kitchen or dining area a rustic, farmhouse look.
  • Crystal chandelier with rusted orbit accent: This is a stunning and elegant light fixture that has a crystal chandelier inside a rusted metal ring. It can create a contrast between modern and rustic styles in your foyer or living room.

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