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Even with a single glance, it is identifiable, that what a unique personality and charm brought to your living room by Indian living room design.

In This Article

This style is prevalent outside of India, and many people employ it in their homes. In today’s piece, we’ll look at some ideas for living room designs in Indian style.

What colours, patterns, furniture, and accessories should you use for an Indian-inspired living room? Now read the entire article to learn the Indian formula.

Elements Of Indian Living Room

Color Palette
  • Warm colors and earthy tones dominate the design.
  • Popular shades include red, mustard yellow, and brown.
Furniture And Decor
  • Opt for authentic Indian living room furniture.
  • Use traditional artifacts, antiques, and Indian-style home decor items.
Patterns And Prints
  • Incorporate ethnic patterns and prints into your home furnishings.
  • Utilize traditional Indian motifs for a captivating atmosphere.
Flooring Material
  • Focus on these materials for an authentic Indian look.
  • Choose natural materials like locally obtained kota, terrazzo, or stone for flooring.
  • Include works of art with Indian aesthetics.
  • Consider Warli or Tanjore paintings depicting gods, goddesses, or spiritual themes.

By blending these elements, you can create a well-designed Indian-style living room that reflects the rich cultural heritage and warmth associated with Indian decor.

Elements Of Small Indian Living Room

Adapting Traditional Aesthetic
  • Be mindful of the limited space in metropolitan apartments.
  • Avoid making the room appear too dark or congested.
  • Strive for a balance between traditional Indian aesthetics and a more open, airy setting.
Fusion of Old and New
  • Use brass accents or smaller pieces of wall art.
  • Incorporate traditional elements without overwhelming the space.
Optimizing Natural Light
  • Ensure plenty of natural light for an airier and more spacious feel.
  • Focus on window treatments that allow light to penetrate the room.
Use of Bold Colors and Textures
  • Apply vibrant colors and ethnic designs to smaller soft furnishings.
  • Consider using finely textured fabrics for pillows or throws.
Antiques and Decor Accessories
  • Decorate with a decent amount of antiques and accessories.
  • Balance decor with decluttering to create an organized space.
Avoiding Overwhelm
  • Be cautious with prints and themes to avoid creating chaos.
  • Maintain a balance between different patterns and themes.

5 Key Points for Ideal Indian Living Room

1. Living Room Furniture:

2. Living Room Lightings:

3. Purpose Of The Room:

When designing an Indian-style living room, it’s important to understand its purpose and design accordingly.

4. Add Your Style And Priority:

Your living room’s design should be a true reflection of your personality, taste, and preferences.

It’s essential to consider factors like budget while exploring decor ideas. Personalizing your Indian living room is an opportunity to showcase your style and preferences.

5. Choose A Colour Palette And Pattern Wisely:

To create an inviting space, use color strategically. The right color scheme is crucial for a successful design.

Do thorough research before choosing color schemes for walls, furniture, and lighting. Enhance your space with home decor items that match the color scheme.

51 Indian Living Room Ideas

indian living room

1. Bold Living Room Colors

Make a dramatic statement with Indian-designed living room decor colors by using a red wall with a subtle design that adds intrigue.

This brings all of the pieces in the living room to life, defining them in the most luminous way possible.

To balance the stunning center table, wonderful pendant lamps, and elegantly carved panel divider, use a sleek and neutral-colored sofa.

Indian-inspired living rooms can truly shine with bold colors.

neutral living room with swing

2. Neutral Living Room Interior Design

Using a neutral hue and combining contemporary elements, neutralize a living room interior design Indian-style.

Allow the Indian components to shine through in your fabrics, choose bold colours for your pillows, add a striking rug, and hang a tapestry wall art that complements the rest of the room’s features.

Indian living room decor ideas often incorporate neutral elements with vibrant accents.

white living room with blue accent chair and blanket

3. Self-Designed Indian Seating

Hand-stitched cushion coverings, self-designed centerpieces, painted bottle vases, stenciled images, personal wall hangings, or imaginative planters can significantly impact the area’s aesthetic.

Creating Indian-style decor often involves adding personal touches to seating.

indian living room with jute woven sofa

4. Indian-Style Furniture

Concentrate on the hypnotic aspects of Indian design, particularly the brilliant colours and intricate patterns.

Hanging gilded and beautifully carved wall decor next to a white wall creates a focal point in your living room, allowing the decor to shine with its charm.

There’s also woven furniture to add to the look’s allure. Indian living room furniture is known for its intricate designs and vibrant colors.

living room with plants

5. A Bohemian Touch

By integrating Indian and Bohemian elements into your living room designs, you can create an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Layer a variety of cushions on an ethnic rug for a warm and inviting environment that is further complemented by a plethora of plants.

Don’t be afraid of a jumbled appearance; the goal is to pair unsaturated colours with textured materials in a neutral space.

Combining Indian-inspired decor with bohemian elements can create a unique and welcoming space.

blue and orange pop

6. Blue And Orange Pop

Use blue and pop orange living room designs on the textiles to represent a cool yet striking side of the Indian aspect, and combine plain designs to convey a feeling of difference.

Make your Indian living space even more intriguing by adding ethnic and contemporary pieces to the mix.

Mixing blue and orange in your Indian living room decor can create a visually appealing contrast.

yellow living room

7. Colorful Living Room

The use of yellow and sculptures in the colorful living room is enough to identify the space as Indian.

However, this living room contains not only those two features but also others.

The bold-toned throw pillows, the unique-shaped wooden coffee table, and the brown sofa, for example, all imply the Indian style of a living room in harmony.

Creating a colorful living room with Indian influences can add vibrancy and character to your space.

open living room

8. Open Living Room Design

living room with high ceiling

9. Collection Of Charm, Whimsy, And Fun

paintings for living room

10. Paintings For The Living Room

Paintings for the living room depict the beautiful distinctions amongst Indian key compositions to create a remarkable space.

Use a variety of elements in your textiles, furniture, and accessories to channel historical influences, resulting in a magnificent and warm environment.

Choosing the right artwork can be a key part of Indian living room decor.

carpet for living room

11. Classic Vintage

living room colour combination

12. Vibrant Combination Of Color

For a vivid mood, choose living room colour combinations on the fluorescent side of the spectrum, particularly tones of pink and orange.

Work on harmonizing these colours, as they make a charming mix that reflects your free-spirited character.

Also, use finely detailed wooden qualities that complement the intensity of the colours to create harmony among the other aspects.

Creating a vibrant living room can bring a unique character to your Indian-style space.

living room wall colours

13. Keep It Elegantly Eclectic

The home of Aninda and Mayank in Delhi is an enviable combination of calm and décor drama at play, with creamy white living room wall colors and an open floor plan.

Working with an all-white color scheme gives the room a designer impression and a comfortable, sophisticated mood.

Maintaining an elegantly eclectic style can create a unique ambiance in your Indian-style living room.

living room colour scheme

14. Softer And Sophisticated Look

Play with this living room color scheme if you want a softer, more refined look that won’t make your guests feel out of place.

Mauve with gray undertones is both melancholy and feminine at the same time. The look is softened by the use of grey (on the fur carpet) and white (on the wall moldings).

If you don’t have wall molding, you may add white to your living room color scheme with poufs, tabletop decorations, or even a floor light.

Achieving a softer and more sophisticated look in your Indian-style living room is about selecting the right color scheme.

modern living room

15. Wooden Heaven

Because of the use of vibrant hues, this space is regarded as having an Indian-style living room.

This living room, for example, incorporates brown, deep red, and orange into the mix.

Because brown is the dominant color, it can be found on almost every surface, from the floor to the ceiling.

Meanwhile, only red and orange are used as accent colors. Throw pillows, table lamp shades, and wall displays all have them.

The vibrant patterns on the cushions help sustain such a color scheme. Achieving a vibrant Indian living room often involves bold and rich colors.

living room furniture

16. Handcrafted Living Room Furniture

Aside from the vibrant colors and textures, handcrafted Indian-inspired living room furniture is another feature of Indian design.

As a result, if you want to add an Indian touch to your living room, invest in some handcrafted furnishings, such as the coffee table shown.

Exotic timbers such as ebony, rosewood, and teak wood are ideal for handcrafted furniture.

They’re thought to be genuine. Furthermore, they have a rustic appearance and are of good quality.

Complete the look with bright and patterned accent cushions after you’ve placed some of these furnishings in the living area.

Adding handcrafted Indian living room furniture can enhance the authenticity of your space.

small living room ideas

17. Traditional Daybed In Indian-Themed Living Room

It’s never a bad idea to have a conventional daybed in your living area. At least, that’s what this image is attempting to convey.

Don’t forget to add an Indian touch by using bright and rich colors on top of it. The cover sheet and throw cushions are seen as the hues in this example.

The seating in front of the daybed is just as traditional as the daybed itself. Height is the determining factor.

Metal accents placed adjacent to the divan strengthen the sense of Indian design in this living room, in addition to the daybed, colors, and seats.

Including a traditional daybed in your Indian-themed living room adds a unique and cultural touch.

living room lighting

18. Bring The Perfect Glow With Warm Lighting

To create a quiet and revitalizing living space, go for the earthy side of the Indian style.

The warm lighting and rich browns of your furniture and other architectural details establish the tone for this area, and the warm living room lighting adds just the right amount of warmth.

To round off the theme, add burnt orange textiles and golden embellishments. Achieving the perfect glow with warm lighting is a key aspect of an Indian-style living room.

traditional indian living room

19. Traditional Indian Living Room Furniture

Tones that make modest backdrops compliment the beauty of these gorgeous prints are required for an all-traditional living room design that incorporates ethnic prints and wooden furnishings.

Dark wood nearly always adds a touch of heritage to a room. With enough light streaming in, your living area will appear to be set for towny tea parties.

Traditional Indian living room furniture often combines ethnic prints and dark wood to create a culturally rich atmosphere.

textured accent chair

20. Add Pop With Pillow And Ottoman

The majority of Indian-style living room ideas are cost-effective. However, this does not require a reduction in your style quotient.

Textures are an important aspect of living room design and can be readily added with the correct collection of floor cushions.

Pillows are also a fantastic way to add pops of colour to contrast with boring backgrounds.

If you prefer not to use too many pillows, ottomans can perform a similar, if not better, job.

This soft ottoman in pastel colours and an ethnic design quickly elevate the elegance of your favorite area.

Adding a pop of color with a pillow and ottoman can enhance the comfort and style of your Indian-style living room.

living room color

21. Beige And Red

The room’s tone is defined by the rich crimson threads of this patterned carpet, which are echoed in the cushion coverings and chairs.

(Spoiler alert: experts say red is one of the finest living room colours!) So, if you like the colour but aren’t ready to paint a room red, this is the solution for you!

To balance out the richness of the red, add some beige to the photo.

Bring in beige-upholstered furniture and a backdrop of tall green plants to complete the look. Creating a beige and red color scheme can add vibrancy and warmth to your Indian-style living room.

white living room brown brown sofa

22. Mid-Century Modern

If you’re going for a mid-century modern style in your living room, these colours will go perfectly. They perform the same thing at Sunita Yogesh’s house in Chennai.

Those tan brown sofa sets are extremely appealing to us—they’re so stylish!

Not only that, but they provide warmth to a place that is otherwise chilly and airy (thanks to the white walls and marble flooring).

Sunita has injected darker colours in dosages throughout the space, such as the dark grey pouf and rug, as well as darker wood side tables, to give it more character.

So, if you’re seeking modern living room colour schemes, give this a shot!

Achieving a mid-century modern style in your Indian-style living room can create a unique blend of elegance and nostalgia.

natural tone living room with tangerine orange

23. Natural Tone With Tangerine Orange

Tangerine orange gives a much-needed boost to the interiors of this neutral-toned living area.

A distinct colour scheme is created by a basic floor mat and a chair in the same orange tone, giving the room a zesty punch.

The aim is to go large and strong with one or two accents while keeping everything else simple and understated.

Incorporating tangerine orange into your Indian-style living room can add a vibrant and energetic touch.

rustic living room

24. A Charm Of Rustic

Santosh Dhanoa, director Guddu Dhanoa, and their son Jeet’s seaside villa are a source of creative inspiration for many.

The 20,000-square-foot home’s architecture is unique in that the living room, bedrooms, and dining rooms are all different spaces connected by concrete corridors interspersed with green patches.

The interiors have a strong Balinese influence. The base colour palette is muted, the furniture is simple, and accent pieces add a splash of colour.

Achieving a rustic charm in your Indian-style living room can create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.

Indian Living room wall decor

25. Artistic Living Room

A living room should be this gently appealing as a housefront component where you welcome your guests. It’s brimming with artwork.

It’s all over the walls and the floor. The lighting design is really beautiful. There is some supporting table lighting in addition to the primary lighting in the center.

Creating an artistic living room in your Indian-style space can add character and creativity.

crimson living room

26. Blend Of Modern And Classic

This predominantly crimson living room combines contemporary and traditional elements to be classified as Indian in style.

The innovative lighting arrangement, stone accent wall, fireplace as the center point, and red-painted walls all contribute to modernity.

Meanwhile, the animal head displays, photo frames, patterned drapes, red leather sofa, cowhide rug, and wooden floor all scream classic.

‘Elegant’ is an understatement when it comes to describing this living space. It’s a lot more than just elegant.

Achieving a blend of modern and classic elements in your Indian-style living room can create a unique and sophisticated atmosphere.

contemporary indian living room

27. Contemporary Living Room, Indian Style

The touch of India can be noticed throughout this photo, no matter where you look.

All of them have Indian traits, from the pattern and colour to the presentation of exotic artwork.

A teal-toned throw pillow above the couch serves as an excellent example. It has a gold and pink tinge to it.

Other examples include the green-colored window and the red accent wall behind the television.

The open concept of this space means that the dining area across the room can be seen clearly from here.

You might be able to interact with individuals in the other room if you have an open mind like this.

Achieving a contemporary living room, Indian style involves incorporating Indian traits and colors into a modern design.

brown colour pillars in living room

28. Brown Finish

Two large pillars in a natural brown finish sufficiently convince everyone that this living room is densely packed with architecture that screams India.

Apart from the other elements in beautiful colours, whoever sits there feels as if they are in the mentioned country. There’s a lot to talk about in this single image.

Let’s suppose there’s that massive arch, the Moorish pattern, stitched throw pillows, and a large leather ottoman that doubles as a table.

All textual pieces have a lot of colour, which is a big part of the Indian style. The combination of every ingredient results in a squandering atmosphere.

Achieving a brown finish in your Indian-style living room can create a rich and culturally inspired space.

raddish tone lighting in living room

29. An Indian Touch

The reddish tone emitted by the lighting overhead gives this hall an Indian feel.

The entrance is on its way to carrying the Indian notion, with browns and creams from the furnishings downstairs and patterned curtains as well.

The enormous brass dish on top of the coffee table there has to be the focal point.

Isn’t it reminiscent of a scene from a Bollywood film? You also get to view a gorgeous ceiling with some wood in its design as a bonus point.

Adding an Indian touch to your living room can create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

wooden sofa in living room

30. Wooden Sofa In Living Room

Wooden furniture is an important part of an Indian-inspired living room since it adds to the overall ambiance.

For continuity, use the same tone of wood, but go for a richer tone to draw attention to the details.

Vibrant hues, gorgeous patterns, and complex details complete the aesthetic. A wooden sofa in your living room can add a traditional and warm touch to the Indian-style design.

indian decor element

31. A Modern Concept

The easiest way to downplay Indian characteristics and bring your living room up to date is to design it in a modern style.

After all, two ideas are preferable to one. Make your structural design and furnishings more simplified, and use colours, fabrics, and accessories to interpret Indian elements.

Achieving a modern concept in your Indian-style living room can create a unique blend of contemporary and cultural elements.

throw cushion on sofa

32. Indian Living Room Decor Ideas

The frame of an Indian-style living room contains many throw cushions. On top of that, they should be colourful

However, the colour must blend in with the rest of the space. The artwork is being used to show an example.

Incorporating Indian living room decor ideas can add vibrancy and cultural richness to your living space.

ethical and traditional room

33. Traditional And Ethical

To begin with, there are numerous details in this space. To begin with, its interior is designed in a traditional style that is far from “simple.”

That, however, is not an issue. The word “simple” does not come to mind when thinking of the Indian style.

Second, from left to right, it features particular types of décor and furniture that read Indian.

Third, the Indian style is supported not only by the interior design, decorations, and furniture but also by the lighting.

It’s not the usual dazzling white but rather a darkly lit yellow. And with such a large living area, you’re likely to be able to accommodate a large number of visitors.

We’re not sure, but maybe you’d like to have flash mobs here? Achieving a traditional and ethical ambiance in your Indian-style living room involves intricate details and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

canopy and curtains living room

34. Canopy And Drapes

Create a four-poster with a draped textile suggestion for your L-shaped couch in your Indian-inspired living room.

Arrange rugs and pillows on the floor to create a warm and inviting atmosphere ideal for get-togethers and bonding times.

If it weren’t for the combination of rich patterns and brilliant colours, this concept would never work.

Adding a canopy and drapes to your living room can create a cozy and stylish environment.

yellow sofa

35. Grace Of Yellow

In Indian homes, yellow and grey have grown in prominence as two of the most preferred living room colours.

While they’re a big success in kitchens, there’s no reason they can’t be in the living room as well.

You can play with several shades of both hues, such as canary, mustard, and pale yellow, as well as charcoal, cloud, and silver grey.

This combination is both elegant and whimsical, and it works well in both traditional and modern settings.

Embracing the grace of yellow and grey in your Indian-style living room can add vibrancy and elegance.

boathouse living room

36. Simple And Elegant

The home of author Josie Conran is a boathouse!

Our dwelling is more akin to a floating house than a houseboat. It was constructed about four years ago and is a permanent landmark with two levels of white clapboard and a pitched roof, “Josie explains.

The living room’s colours contrast beautifully with the river’s lush green.

It’s a cheerful residence decorated in seasonal colours and designed to strike an open and welcoming tone.

The vibrant colours we’ve chosen are a reflection of our joy in designing our family’s home.

The desire to create this lovely environment stems from a desire to enjoy life on the river.

Achieving a simple and elegant atmosphere in your Indian-style living room can create a cheerful and inviting space.

cottage living room

37. The Cottage Living Room

Julie Kagti’s sanctuary is a testament to recycled wood and fabrics from their different journeys.

The colour scheme is earthy, the tones are inviting, and the atmosphere invites you to simply enjoy life as it should be.

‘When it came to the interiors, I stuck to the theme and went for a rustic, earthy look.

I got reclaimed old wood for the cabinet and side tables in the living/kitchen area from Bamboo Bazaar in Bengaluru, as well as old wooden doors and door handles.

Assam cane mats were used for the cabinet door frames in the bedrooms.

The diverse handcrafted textiles, flowers, plants, and bric-a-brac utilized around the house provide little bursts of colour, which I adore stepping into a room and discovering.’

Achieving a cottage living room ambiance in your Indian-style living room involves incorporating recycled materials and a rustic, earthy look.

olive and peach combo living room

38. Olive And Peach Combo

Contrary to common belief, olives and peaches do not usually conjure up images of sweetness and childhood.

They combine spring and autumn to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

As a result, they’re excellent choices for the living room.

The key to creating a relaxing atmosphere is to use hints of colour, such as a pair of floor cushions, differently patterned sofa cushions, a coffee table book, a tray, a couple of wall paintings, and so on.

This is a fantastic concept for your first apartment in the city!

Achieving an olive and peach combo in your Indian-style living room can create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

white wall living room

39. Mix Baby Pink With Off-White

Pastels are frequently mistakenly thought to be a feminine choice, but this could not be further from the truth.

The drapes, throw, and rug in this room flirt with pastels like lilac, baby pink, and off-white, while the brighter but not too dark cushions and chair create clarity.

A minimalist appearance is created by straight lines and clean surfaces with few or no patterns.

Nonetheless, the hues let you feel at ease in the space. The lighter hue of wood on the floor, console, and side table, however, is the underappreciated star of the room.

Achieving a blend of baby pink with off-white in your Indian-style living room can create a minimalist yet comfortable atmosphere.

brown and green living room

40. A Cozy Ambiance

Green and brown look great in the forest, and they’ll look great in your living room, too.

This is especially true if you want natural textures, warm tones, and a pleasant ambiance.

Use a lot of wood and a lot of plants to make these colours work for you.

These are two components that will bring in the required colour as well as the required textures.

Creating a cozy ambiance in your Indian-style living room involves the use of green and brown tones, natural textures, and the presence of plants.

aqua blue club lounge chairs and gray lawson sofa

41. Three-Piece Wall Art

In this living room, aqua blue club lounge chairs are paired with a three-seater gray Lawson sofa.

There are different types of center tables and a beautiful hanging light acts as the cherry on the cake.

Three-piece wall art with birds and branches brings life to the space.

The designer created this residence to redefine the concepts of form and functionality in space.

Adding three-piece wall art to your Indian-style living room can bring a vibrant and artistic touch to the space.

brown and grey sofa with beautiful wall hangings

42. Modern Style Sophistication

A larger-than-life living space is what one desires in a posh residence, and here you can find one.

The sophisticated room inspired by ‘modern style’ has the most sought-after furniture pieces.

Also, one of the sides is enhanced with a contrasting orange velvet sofa, making a bold statement in the living room.

The most eye-catching element in the space is a wall hanging made up of a collection of circles made of a mixture of different materials.

To follow this theme, the tabletops are even ovals. The superior Calvario marble floor gives the overall setup an intensified look.

Achieving modern-style sophistication in your Indian-style living room involves a larger-than-life design with bold furniture and artistic elements.

geometric floral motif wall with plush tufted sofa

43. The Geometric Floral Motif

The living space boasts plush tufted sofas in an incredible light teal selected from V9 Home Decor, complemented by a solid center coffee table. Also, a mural reflects the geometric floral motif.

living room with pink sofa nested center table and gold leaf painting

44. Nested Center Table And Gold Leaf Painting

The couches are in a pink hue that adds beauty to the whole space.

The nested center tables seen here are specially made for this area in resin art and go well with the overall theme.

The wall behind the sofa here is divided into sections.

It consists of gold-leaf paintings with a natural scenery theme connected by three pictures specially chosen and made for this space.

living room with wooden decked balcony

45. The Formal Living Room

This formal living room follows a colour palette of grey, blue, and ochre, complemented by marble flooring and concrete light fixtures.

This space extends into the wooden-decked balcony, which holds some small seating and is filled with potted plants.

The patio has been created as a type of private enclosure, with the view of the nearby high-rises covered but light still coming in.

powder blue sofa and solid wood coffee table

46. Light And Airy

Airy and light are the atmospheres in this living room, enveloping its inhabitants in a similarly carefree vibe.

A solid wood coffee table anchors one end of the room, with a searing blue arrangement holding the other.

The spacious family chamber, which provides a serene setting for relaxing and having a conversation, acts as the center of the house.

The west wall opens to a deck where breezes mingle and meet. Creating a light and airy atmosphere in your Indian-style living room can provide a carefree and relaxing vibe.

powder blue sofa and solid wood coffee table

47. Exposed Brick Wall

This guest living area is located east of the entrance courtyard and features exposed red brick walls as its focal point.

The dramatic color palette of the space blends well with the eye-catching navy blue sofas. The area serves as a bridge between the private and common areas.

ladder style TV unit pastel fabric sofa

48. Ladder-Style TV Unit

This living room has a large accent wall with a random groove pattern and a ladder-style TV unit, which complement the pastel fabric sofa and artwork above it. The printed fabric armchair ties the whole thing together.


49. Modern Furniture Set

Home interiors with such a sense of brightness and warmth are rare. Your eyes can feast on the eclectic patterns and colours in this living room design.

It has a breathtaking view of the cityscapes, and along with it, one can also enjoy a cool breeze and the warmth of the early morning sun.

A modern furniture set with a metal center and side tables adds value to the design. For this living room, wood, pac, marble, and metal are used to create a matte look.

pink sofa and TV unit in living room

50. Souvenirs Showcase

The long wall in this living room, starting from the main door up to the dining area, is painted in a light green colour, with white molding on it, giving a hint of classical design.

The sofa’s back wall forms a perfect backdrop to display the art collection. The TV unit also doubles up as a display unit, showcasing travel souvenirs.

yellow couch potted plants and concrete balcony

51. Airy, Light, And Open

The designers have taken a Scandinavian approach to the design and kept the space airy, open, and light, using a variety of materials to enhance the feel-good factor in the house.

You are greeted by the spacious living area, done up in vibrant colours.

The warmth here is unmissable. Your eyes are drawn into the room by the custom-designed yellow couch.

Potted plants breathe life into a brooding corner and concrete balcony.

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