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Hey, design enthusiasts! Is your teen boy’s room due for a makeover? We’ve got you covered with 41 mind-blowing teen boy bedroom ideas that blend style and functionality.

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From personalized photo galleries to rustic-chic vibes and gaming paradises, these setups cater to every taste.

Get ready for a journey through sleek minimalism, sports fanaticism, and intergalactic adventures!

Dive into our ultimate guide and transform those four walls into a teenage sanctuary. Let the magic begin!

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

White single bed bedroom for teen boy
Image Credit: Room Magic

1. Modern Minimalist Appeal

teen boy bedroom with exposed brick wall
Photo Credit: Hackrea

2. Masculine Look With Rustic Essence

Ditch the toys and embrace a mature look with bold colors and textures. Hackrea’s studio-style design is perfect for a teen guy. Imagine it: a space just for you, with everything you need.

Grays, both warm and cool, create a manly vibe. Choosing a color scheme is fun! There are tons of options to explore. What will your room say about you?

teen boy bedroom with airplane and mountain wallpaper
Image Credit: Deco Ideas

3. Flying Aircraft Bedroom Wallpaper

When your son’s about to jump from being a kid to a teen, consider this bedroom design. A blend of his younger days with a touch of newness can work wonders.

Take a peek at Deco Ideas’ cool inspiration for a teenage boy’s bedroom. They’ve got wall art featuring flying aircraft in calm colors, giving off a grown-up vibe.

Picking the right color combo is key to setting the room’s mood. They’ve gone for earthy tones—nothing too flashy, just perfect for a teen boy’s space.

teen boy bedroom with storage solution
Image Credit: Decoist

4. Contemporary Bedroom With Storage Solution

teen boy bedroom with monochromatic walls
Image Credit: Interior Design Ideas

5. Monochrome Scheme: The Badboy Look

teen boy bedroom with study table and large closetry window
Image Credit: Hackrea

6. A Personal Sanctuary

teen boy bedroom in dark earth color
Image Credit: Studio Nacrt

7. Rich Earth Tone Boy Bedroom

black and orange teen boy bedroom bedroom
Image Credit: Home Harmony

8. Adventure Lover Teen

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teen boy small bedroom with space saving solution
Image Credit: HGTV

9. Small Bedroom With Space-Saving Solution

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white and green teen boy bedroom with a teen playing guitar
Image Credit: Home Harmony

10. A Personal Gallery For Creativity

teen boy bedroom with wallpaper and a large bedroom mirror
Image Credit: Home Harmony

11. Teen Bedroom With Smart Storage

Teenagers tend to have a ton of stuff, so keeping their bedrooms organized with smart storage solutions is key.

Get a roomy wardrobe or closet system to handle their expanding clothing stash. Use bins or baskets for smaller items, like accessories or electronics.

Open shelving units are perfect for showing off books or favorite things while keeping them easily accessible.

Neutral color teen boy bedroom

12. Neutral Color Teen Boy’s Bedroom

Picking the perfect color scheme for a teen boy’s bedroom is key to setting the right vibe. Neutral tones like grays, whites, and blacks give off a modern and classy feel.

If you want more energy and personality, go for bold colors like deep blues or vibrant reds. Just think about what your teen likes and the theme of the room when choosing the colors.

teen boy bedroom with neon light sign and gaming station

13. Gamer’s Heaven

If your teen boy is a gaming enthusiast, why not turn his bedroom into the ultimate gaming paradise?

Set up a gaming station, and complete it with a comfy gaming chair, a big TV or monitor, and enough storage for all those gaming accessories.

Deck out the space with cool gaming-themed decor, like posters featuring his favorite games or characters.

And, of course, make sure to have proper lighting for an immersive gaming experience. It’s all about creating a gaming haven!

clean and organized teen boy bedroom

14. Clean And Organized

Creating a neat space for your teen boy is a breeze with a minimalist design. Stick to a basic color scheme—think black, white, and gray.

Pick furniture with sleek lines and plenty of storage to keep things organized.

Add a touch of flair with minimalist decor, like geometric wall art or a stylish desk, for a visually interesting space without going overboard.


15. Music-Inspired Theme Teen Boy Bedroom

If your teen boy is all about music, why not design a bedroom that screams his passion? Hang guitars on the walls or turn vinyl records into wall art.

Throw in some musical vibes with themed bedding and curtains.

And for those aspiring musicians, create a dedicated corner for music production with a keyboard or a set of drums. It’s the perfect way to blend style and passion in his personal space!

teen boy bedroom with white breadboard wall and a study table

16. A Mature Teen Boy Bedroom

For a mature and modern touch, consider an industrial-themed bedroom for your teen boy. Exposed brick walls, metal furniture, and concrete flooring bring in a cool and edgy vibe.

To complete the look, add vintage-inspired lighting fixtures and minimalist decorative elements. This style is perfect for older teens aiming for a more grown-up space.


17. Aspiring Scientist Teen Boy Bedroom Theme

If your teen is a science enthusiast, especially fascinated by aircraft, he’ll love a bedroom decked out with flight motifs.

Imagine a wallpaper featuring major airports worldwide, sparking bold dreams. Bed linens adorned with plane elements tie in perfectly with the aircraft theme.

It’s a dreamy space for your aviation enthusiast!


18. Baseball Lover Teen Boy Bedroom

This bedroom rocks a baseball theme with a standout wallpapered statement wall. Baseball bats, usually meant for practice, double up as decor on an open shelf.

The furniture, made of metal and wood in soothing earthy tones, creates a chill atmosphere. It provides a neutral backdrop, letting the hobby-related items grab the spotlight.

basketball-wall-of-fame-teen boy-bedroom-decor

19. Basketball Wall Of Fame Teen Boy Bedroom Decor

This cool teenage boy’s room decor is all about showcasing his love for basketball. The interior keeps it simple and neutral, putting the spotlight on a special collection of jerseys.

These jerseys are neatly framed and displayed under glass, preserving their original shape for as long as possible.


20. Bold Colors Teen Boy Bedroom

Boys don’t just go for dark colors; you can mix things up! Add a splash of brightness by pairing neutral tones with one or two contrasting colors.

Think orange, white, yellow, or red—these are what you can call “men colors.”

Get creative by trying them out as accents in decor, like on storage shelves or in the fabric pattern on your bed. Experiment and make your space uniquely yours!


21. Graphic Layout Teen Boy Bedroom

In this teen boy’s room decor, the mix of black and yellow captures the transition from teenager to young man.

While yellow adds a touch of playfulness, blending it with black accents gives the space a personalized feel.

A wallpaper featuring comic strip scenes complements the accent color and serves as a cool focal point.


22. Play Ball Theme: Teen Boy Bedroom

Soccer, football, baseball, basketball—what’s the common thread? They all involve playing with a ball. Why not bring that sports vibe into a teenage boy’s room?

Showcase different types of balls in a special holder that lets you see through. This cool decor idea takes inspiration from a practical storage shelf made from wire.


23. Space Theme Bedroom

Dive into the universe with a space-themed decor idea! Picture this: an accent wall with wallpaper that looks like a black chalkboard, showcasing stunning images of planets and the mesmerizing moon.

The space vibe doesn’t stop there. Check out the decor accents sprinkled throughout the room.

Shades of grey, navy blue, white, and earthy tones create a chill and relaxing atmosphere. It’s all about bringing the wonders of outer space right into your space!


24. Teen Boy Bedroom With Activities Shared Area

Strike a balance in decorating a shared room for a toddler and a teenage boy

Opt for neutral, bright colors for the main elements, and make sure each of them has a special spot to showcase their favorite things.

Leave the wall space above each bed open for personalization.

For instance, the younger boy can hang a Star Wars photo, while the toddler can display a picture of their favorite cartoon character.

Bring everything together by using coordinating colors to create a cohesive and polished decor.


25. Textured Teen Boy Bedroom

Make your boy’s room uniquely his! Add a letter sign that reflects his passion, whether it’s bikes, balls, football, cars, Star Wars, music, or anything else he loves.

Personalize his space with a touch that speaks to his hobbies and interests.

mixed pattern teen boy bedroom

26. Mixed Pattern For Perfect Balance

Create a stylish and spacious feel in your teenage boy’s room by embracing dark colors without overwhelming the space.

Opt for accents in black and grey, like the rug, wall decor, and bed linen pattern.

This way, you achieve a masculine look that satisfies your son’s taste while maintaining an airy and open atmosphere that you’ll appreciate.

small space teen boy bedroom

27. Small Teen Boy Bedroom With Architectural Curves

Transforming a tiny bedroom into an awesome space for a teenage boy is totally doable.

Even those tricky architectural curves? Well, in this setup, they become a cool feature, adding both character and functionality to the room.


28. Multi-Level Loafted Bed Teen Boy Bedroom

No worries if two boys share a room! Just make the most of the space smartly and keep safety in mind. Keep the beds on the floor and use the space above for a play zone.

Add a wooden ladder for access to a second level where kids can hang out and play. Easy and safe!


29. Hardcore Football Fan Teen Boy Bedroom

This room is a baseball fan’s haven. The wall decor showcases a big photo capturing a pivotal moment in baseball history.

As we move down, team loyalty is evident in the logo on the linen. The chosen colors for decor pieces, red and navy, perfectly match the team’s vibrant palette.


30. Cozy Neutral Farmhouse Boy Bedroom

If you’re into farmhouse style, you can bring that cozy vibe into the boys’ room effortlessly. The beds sport wooden frames adorned with retro ornaments.

A lively rug in coastal tones adds a touch of cheer, neatly placed in the walkway between the beds to tie everything together.

For a bit of privacy, sliding barn doors double as blinds, giving the boys their own space. The room exudes a masculine feel with metal accents—a black rod supporting the shutters and an industrial light fixture.

teen boy bedroom with blue walls and single bed

31. Make Every Space Work

The bedroom is the hub of a teenager’s life, no doubt about it. Whether your home is spacious or cozy, it’s crucial to make the most of your teen’s personal space. How?

Well, flexible furniture and clever layouts are the keys. Take a look at this Hoboken townhouse, crafted by Joan Engers.

Here, a floating storage unit and a drop-down desk team up to make the most of every inch, adding both style and function to the mix.

teen boy bedroom with peel and stick mural
Image Credit: MALI AZIMA

32. Peel And Stick Impactful Mural

Guaranteed: No teenage boy will ever be bored in a room this cool. To give your son’s bedroom a wow factor without breaking the bank, consider a peel-and-stick mural.

Take a cue from designer Janie Molster, who infused an adventurous vibe into a teenage boy’s bedroom using a map mural from Murals Your Way and a camp-inspired Pendleton blanket.

teen boy bedroom with green wallpaper

33. Subtle Wallpaper Pattern

Choosing wallpaper for a kid’s bedroom can be fun, but sometimes trendy patterns don’t stand the test of time.

Instead of going for something ultra-hip that might lose its appeal quickly, consider a subtle pattern that blends in.

Take this boy’s bedroom by Emma Beryl, for example. The dotted green print adds a youthful touch without being too loud, especially when paired with cool skateboard art.

teen boy bedroom with personal mementos storage display

34. Personal Mementos Storage Display

Don’t worry, you don’t have to ditch all the sentimental stuff when your kid becomes a teenager. You can keep those cherished items on display in a more grown-up way.

Take a cue from this room designed by Katie Lyndon, where open shelving is used for a stylish storage display.

Your teen probably won’t mess with the styling too much now, but they’ll appreciate the nostalgic look back at their childhood as they transition into adulthood.

35. Cashmere Throws And Plush Sherpa Pillows

Sure thing! Teen guys might not go for cashmere throws and plush sherpa pillows, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want some coziness in their room.

Check out these sheer curtains with a cool shibori design, as seen in a room by Eneia White. They’re a great way to add a touchable element to a teen boy’s space and make it feel more inviting.

teen boy bedroom with double duty furniture

36. Double Duty Furniture Bed

Opt for furniture that pulls extra weight for a room that’ll last from early teens to college.

Check out this sleek platform bed by Studio DB—not only is it a stylish sleeping spot, but it also packs a storage punch.

With plenty of drawers and shelves built into the base, it’s a smart choice for keeping things organized.

calming white color scheme teen boy bedroom

37. Be Minimalist With Your Stuff

Navigating teenage life can be pretty hectic, so why not create a bedroom that feels like a peaceful escape?

If your teenage son is always on the move, go for a minimalistic approach at home.

Picture a room with soothing colors and only the essentials—a bed, nightstand, and dresser. Take a cue from this Los Angeles home designed by Cuff Studio.

Teen Boy Bedroom With Surfboards Collection 

38. Teen Boy Bedroom With Surfboards Collection

Celebrate your son’s hobbies by incorporating them into the bedroom decor.

Take inspiration from this Hawaiian bedroom by Nicole Hollis, where a collection of surfboards reflects the 13-year-old’s love for riding waves.

For those who prefer activities on solid ground, you can achieve a similar vibe with vintage baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, skateboards, and more.

teen boy bedroom with navy blue walls

39. Paint the Wall In A Personality-Packed Moody Hue

Teenagers can be a bit moody, and that’s no secret, right? Well, here’s an idea for your son’s bedroom: go bold with a wall color that packs a ton of personality.

In Hampton’s home, designer Emma Beryl opted for a deep, inky blue to add style and sophistication to the older son’s space.

If you’re into that look, give Old Navy by Benjamin Moore a try. It’s all about bringing a touch of drama and flair to the room!

tenn boy bedroom with basket wallpaper

40. Basket Ball Love

Encourage your teen boys to express themselves and unleash their creativity by letting them pick an artist to create a custom piece for their space.

In this Brooklyn bedroom, the folks at Studio SFW collaborated with artist D.J. Schmidt to design a mural celebrating the occupant’s passion for basketball.

The mural even features a basketball personalized with the teen’s name.

teens boy bedroom with two beds

41. Separate Spaces

Creating designated zones in your teenager’s room can make a big difference, whether they’re sharing with a younger sibling or need a dedicated homework area.

In this room designed by Jess Cooney, each boy has their own space outlined by matching Dash & Albert rugs.

It’s a smart way to organize a shared room and reduce the likelihood of arguments.


There you have it, design mavens! Dive into our curated guide for 41 sensational bedroom ideas to turn your teen boy’s space into a personalized haven.

From minimalism to sports, gaming, and cosmic adventures, we’ve got the inspiration you need.

Now, armed with ideas, it’s time to let creativity loose! Transform those walls into a canvas of personal expression.

Remember, the key is to make it both stylish and unique. So, get your teen involved and let the magic of design bring his dream room to life!


What should a 13-year-old boy have in their room?

Setting up a cool space for a 13-year-old boy involves combining functionality with personal style. Here are some suggestions:

  • Comfortable Bedding: Opt for bedding that suits his taste, whether it’s a favorite color, a sports team, or a cool pattern.
  • Study Area: Create a designated study spot with a desk and comfortable chair. Good lighting is key for studying.
  • Storage Solutions: Help keep things organized with shelves, bins, or storage furniture. This makes it easier for him to find what he needs.
  • Personalized Decor: Let him decorate with items that reflect his hobbies or interests—posters, artwork, or even a display of collectibles.
  • Reading Nook: If he enjoys reading, create a cozy reading corner with a comfortable chair or bean bag and some good books.
  • Technology Hub: Set up a space for his computer or gaming console, considering cable management to keep things tidy.
  • Sports Gear Display: If he’s into sports, consider a display area for his sports equipment, trophies, or memorabilia.
  • Music Corner: If he likes music, a small area for musical instruments or a space for headphones and a music player can be a great addition.
  • Personalized Bedside Lamp: A cool bedside lamp not only provides good lighting but can also add a touch of personal style.
  • Bulletin Board or Whiteboard: Help him stay organized by having a space where he can pin important notes and schedules, or draw and doodle.

Remember, the key is to create a space that reflects his personality and provides functionality for various activities. Collaborate with him to understand his preferences and involve him in the decorating process.

How do you design small bedrooms for boys?

Designing a small bedroom for boys? Let’s make it both smart and stylish! Check out these tips:

  • Bunk Beds or Loft Beds: Save space with cool bunk beds or lofts. You can even create a mini-office or reading spot underneath.
  • Multi-Functional Furniture: Go for furniture that does more than one job. Beds with storage or desks doubling as bedside tables are lifesavers.
  • Vertical Storage: Think up! Wall shelves, cabinets, and hooks can be a game-changer. Keep the floor clear and stash away books and toys.
  • Foldable Furniture: Keep it flexible with foldable options. A foldable desk or seat can disappear when not needed.
  • Light Colors: Brighten things up with light-colored walls and bedding. It gives the illusion of more space and keeps things feeling open.
  • Mirrors: Add mirrors strategically to create the illusion of a bigger room. Mirrored closet doors or a wall mirror can do wonders.
  • Minimalist Decor: Less is more! Keep things simple and clutter-free. A few well-chosen decorations or posters can add personality without overcrowding.
  • Use Under-Bed Space: Don’t forget under the bed! Storage bins or drawers are perfect for hiding shoes, toys, or seasonal stuff.
  • Smart Lighting: Light it up cleverly. Wall-mounted sconces or pendant lights save space compared to bulky bedside lamps.
  • Flexible Layout: Be open to rearranging furniture. Play around with different setups to find the most efficient and cool layout.

Remember, it’s all about making the space work while adding that personal touch. Get the boy involved; his input is key to creating a comfy and happy space!

At what age can boys share a bedroom?

According to experts, boys can comfortably share a bedroom from early childhood to around the age of 12. As they enter adolescence, typically between the ages of 12 and 14, they may desire more privacy and individual space. However, the decision varies based on family dynamics and available space. Regular communication with the children involved helps ensure everyone is comfortable with the living arrangements.

How can I make my boys’ room special?

Want to make your boy’s room truly special? Here’s the lowdown:

  • Pick a Cool Theme: Choose a theme or color he loves—superheroes, sports, or whatever gets him excited.
  • Add Personal Touches: Go for personalized stuff like bedding with his name, wall art featuring his favorite things, or posters that scream “him.”
  • Show Off His Stuff: Display his art, crafts, or awards. It’s not just decoration; it’s a confidence booster.
  • Comfortable Bedding Is A Must: Get him bedding that’s not just comfy but also fits the theme. It’s like setting the mood for cool dreams.
  • Reading Nook Vibes: If he’s into reading, create a chill reading spot with a cozy chair, good lighting, and a shelf for his best books.
  • Get Crafty: Do some DIY projects together—maybe a mural, custom shelves, or crafty decor. It’s a bonding thing.
  • Tidy Up with Style: Organize his stuff with cool storage solutions. A tidy room is a happy room, right?
  • Interactive Walls: Think chalkboard or whiteboard walls—places where he can draw, write, and let his creativity flow.
  • Measure the Memories: A growth chart on the wall is not just a height tracker; it’s a memory keeper as he grows up.
  • Light it Right: Add some cool lighting—string lights, bedside lamps, or a funky night light. It’s the cherry on top.

Remember, let his personality shine, involve him in the choices, and make the room a reflection of him. That’s what makes it truly special!

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