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This collection of stunning modern luxury bedroom designs features custom interior designs and decoration ideas from top designers.

A bedroom should not only be elegant but also have a welcoming atmosphere. Take a look at these 33 images for inspiration and ideas on how to design your ideal luxury bedroom.

33 Luxury Bedroom Designs

luxury green bedroom

This nature-inspired retreat’s green bedroom is lit with a green vibe that matches the trees outside. The wooden elements and the soft lighting create a warm and cozy feel.

The sheer curtains let in natural light and add elegance.

blue luxury bedroom

This contemporary blue bedroom is a true example of chic and class. The grey accent wall and blue ceiling light contrast this modern space.

And who would not love to enjoy this stunning city view while having their favorite drink on this comfortable seat?

neutral luxury bedroom

You will love the warm and cozy vibe of the beige tones and the wood paneling in this neutral bedroom.

The bed looks inviting and comfortable, and the couch is perfect for relaxing and reading a book.

The abstract painting adds a touch of color and creativity to the room, and the window offers a breathtaking view of the city.

luxury bedroom design

The cozy bed and the view of nature are just WOW!  It looks like a perfect place to relax and enjoy. The furry blanket adds some texture and warmth.

The sliding glass door lets in a lot of natural light and gives access to the balcony.

luxury bedroom with wardrobe

This bedroom with a wardrobe, a beige comforter, and decorative pillows on the bed looks so soft and cushy. The chandelier adds an elegant touch.

You must feel like royalty in there!

luxury kids bedroom

Having a kids’ bedroom filled with toys, books, posters, and stickers is not only a great way to stimulate their imagination and creativity, but it is also a fun way to express their personality and interest.

pink luxury bedroom

A whimsy touch of this pink bedroom with a pink and white color scheme is a dream come true for anyone who loves chic decor.

The tufted headboard and pink throw pillow add some comfort and style to the bed.

You will experience a fun and romantic atmosphere here, thanks to the pink neon light around the ceiling.

luxury bedroom with bookshelf

If you are passionate about reading books, then this bedroom with bookshelves is just perfect for you.

Not only you can read your favorite books but you can also admire this stunning city view.

luxury bedroom with bedroom mirror

This unusual-shaped bedroom mirror on the wall makes it look bigger and brighter.

In addition, the white and beige color of this bedroom makes this bedroom very classy and relaxing.

luxury bedroom with modern chandelier

Yes, you are right! This modern chandelier with a fancy and shiny look is the high spot of this bedroom.

The leather headboard and white linens give a luxurious and comfortable feel to the bed, and the sheer curtain adds softness and privacy.

orange luxury bedroom

You are looking at a cozy bedroom that has everything you need for a good night’s sleep.

This orange bedroom has a huge bed with soft orange and white sheets, and a comfy gray chair to curl up in. So, get ready to relax and dream in this dreamy bedroom oasis.

luxury bedroom with exposed brick wall

Exposed brick wall, bed with gray and beige pillow, soft grey carpet, nightstand with lamp, plant, and floor-to-ceiling window that shows a city view.

All these elements in one place make you want to spend a night here.

luxury bedroom with canopy bed

Lovely isn’t it? A four-poster bed with a beige canopy and curtains, it’s so elegant and cozy.

The window with the sheer curtains lets in a lot of natural light, and the seating area with the beige sofa and armchair is perfect for relaxing.

The room is decorated with minimalist furniture and accessories, very chic and stylish.

japandi style luxury bedroom

What a stunning Japandi-style bedroom with a tatami mat, a shoji screen, and a wooden table.

The bed has a beige headboard and white linens, very simple and elegant. Also, the view of a beautiful garden is very peaceful and relaxing.

luxury scandinavian bedroom

This pink and white color scheme  Scandinavian bedroom looks so fresh and lovely. The bed has a pink bedspread and a blue throw blanket, very cozy and cute.

The wooden floor with a white rug adds some personality to this space.

luxury bedroom moroccan style

A blend of rich colors, textures, and patterns that create a warm and inviting atmosphere this Moroccan-inspired bedroom is just amazing.

It features elements such as wooden beams, intricate patterns, chandeliers, rugs, pillows, and plants. It is a perfect style for those who love exotic and luxurious decor.

luxury bedroom with bathtub

Look at this bedroom with bathtub! It has a big window with a view of the city, so you can soak and enjoy the view, how cool is that?

The bed is white with a black headboard, very chic and classy.

luxury bedroom with swimming pool

Amazing! You just can’t take your eye off it. A bedroom with a view of the pool and palm trees.

The bed is white with a beige blanket, very chic and comfy. The pool is lit up with blue lights and has lounge chairs on the deck, very relaxing and fun.

black luxury bedroom

This black bedroom is looks perfect place to relax and unwind. The black and white color scheme gives it a modern and elegant vibe.

The bed is comfy and inviting, with a green comforter that adds a splash of color.

bohemian luxury bedroom

Personality and style that is what you find in this modern bohemian bedroom. The orange wall and the mandala tapestry create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

This room is full of fun and quirky decorations that make it unique and lively.

purple luxury bedroom

Have you ever been in the bedroom of a royal? The lavish bedroom makes you feel like royalty.

The purple color scheme and the crystal chandelier create a glamorous and sophisticated ambiance. The walls are covered in a purple fabric that adds texture and elegance.

oversized headboard luxury bedroom

This is a stunning bedroom that has a wow factor. The bed has a gray tufted headboard that reaches the ceiling, making it look majestic and cozy.

The gray comforter and the beige pillows complement the headboard and add some softness.

luxury bedroom with smart bed

This is a sleek bedroom that has a futuristic feel. The bed is a curved platform with a neon blue light that makes it stand out.

The comforter and the pillows are black and white, matching the headboard and the walls.

The room has a minimalist design, with only a few accessories like the lamp, the plant, and the sculpture.

luxury bedroom with fireplace

Magnificent view of the ocean and a fireplace that adds some warmth and coziness, this bedroom has a serene atmosphere.

The bed is in the middle of the room with a gray comforter and white pillows. The room has a fireplace that adds some warmth and coziness.

The walls are white and the ceiling is curved, giving the room a spacious feel.

luxury bedroom with walk in closet

This chic bedroom with walk-in closet is ready to make you feel like a celebrity.

The white color scheme is spread all over the room the bed, rug, comforter, ceiling, and furniture make the room look bigger and brighter.

luxury bedroom with accent wall

The dark grey and beige accent wall with unusual patterns caught the attention of everyone who visited this room.

The beige headboard is spread horizontally over the accent wall with a wavy design.

luxury bedroom with tufted floor bed

The bed has a tufted headboard and footboard that extend to the ceiling, giving it a luxurious feel.

The walls are light beige and the floor is covered in a white shag rug that adds warmth to this place.

luxury bedroom designed with marble and wood

In this modern bedroom, the bed has a beige headboard with a unique design and a gray blanket on top. The floor is covered in a white marble with a black and white pattern.

luxury bedroom with stone textured accent wall

This bedroom has a large window overlooking the ocean is really worthy of spending your vacation nights.

The room has a curved ceiling with recessed lighting. The wall behind the bed is the stone-textured accent wall.

industrial luxury bedroom

This industrial bedroom has a bed with a gray headboard and a gray comforter.

The walls are dark gray with exposed ductwork and a black ceiling. The room has a fireplace with a black mantle and a mirror above it. The room has a wooden floor with a large area rug.

luxury bedroom with recessed lighting

The recessed lighting running over the ceiling gives this bedroom a modern and luxurious touch.  The room has a large window with sheer curtains and a view of the city.

luxury bedroom with high ceiling

It must be so relaxing to wake up every morning in this gorgeous bedroom. It’s lovely how spacious and bright it is.

The window welcomes the natural light in plenty and gives you an amazing view of the outside. It’s modern, chic, and inviting.

farmhouse luxury bedroom.

This rustic bedroom is cozy and makes you feel at home. The nightstands on either side of the bed have lamps that create a soft and inviting glow.

The window offers a lovely view of the greenery outside, and the sheer curtains let in some natural light. This is a bedroom that has a farmhouse style with a modern twist.

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