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Adding a splash to any green living room, whether it’s a green accent wall or a few sea-foam green throw cushions, can dramatically alter it.

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If you want a more dramatic look, choose colors like dark moss green. Looking for some peace? Paint your walls a gentler color, such as mint.

There’s also the tried-and-true lime green for those seeking to make a huge statement. We’ve got you covered if you’re not clear about which color is ideal for you.

There’s no need to fret if you’re unsure about which shade of green is the perfect match for your space.

We’ve got your back! This carefully curated collection has brought together the best green living room ideas from talented designers and visionaries worldwide.

So, let’s jump right in and explore 40 inspiring concepts to bring that delightful touch of green into your living room.

Green Living Room Design Ideas

dark green living room

1. Revive The Living Room Using Old Stuff

Using old, unused items to adorn your living space is a fantastic idea. It not only brings back wonderful old memories, but it also gives your place individuality.

Use vintage items to spruce up your living area.

pine green living room

2. Pine Green Living Room

The pink-green color scheme became very familiar to me. It’s a refinement of personality that knows how to assert itself in our surroundings.

Furthermore, the universes alter dramatically, depending on the aesthetic features applied. Adding green plants, for example, instantly creates an urban jungle atmosphere.

sage green living room

3. Sage Green Walls Living Room

In this living room, 3/4 of the wall is painted sage green and 1/4 is white. This dual-tone living room has an elegant look.

The dramatic effect of matching walls and furniture pieces is beautiful. We love the combination of the ROM sofa and soft sage walls.

brown sofa green living room

4. Make Space With a Thin Hanging Shelf

Are you stumped as to what to do with that one blank wall? Or if you want to hang posters but think a gallery wall is too cluttered, then I have the answer for you!

Place your posters, prints, or paintings side by side on a thin wall shelf.

You may make a well-designed wall simply and easily by arranging your posters on a wall shelf without it being too congested or packed.

You also don’t have to drill a lot of holes in the wall.

Sonia, an interior enthusiast, has successfully implemented this design advice in her home and is thus displaying it for the time being.

l shaped sofa light green living room

5. A Pop Of Yellow With Green

This living area features a pair of floating shelves on which to showcase ornamental pieces. The throw cushion, blanket, and ottoman give some flair to this space with their pops of color.

tropical green living room

6. Tropical Is In The Air

Something tropical is in the air! Don’t worry; this trend started a few seasons ago. It’s not going away.

What’s more, why would we want it to? H&M Home’s tropical decor includes everything.

living room with fireplace

7. Quit Boring-Looking Fireplace

A fireplace is the focal feature of this living area. Replace your outdated, drab fireplace with something more contemporary.

This green living room with a fireplace has a modern, clean, and fresh appearance.

living room with balcony

8. Let The Sun Shine

The brown sofa in this living room looks great with the green, and the huge balcony window lets plenty of light in.

I like how the mirror is employed as a decorative feature in this room.

paneless window in living room

9. Gold and Yellow with Green

The combination of gold and yellow tones with green has a relaxing effect. The warmth that yellow tones provide is a perfect match for the earthy vibe that green provides.

rustic brown sofa green living room

10. Green And Brown Room Ideas

This living room looks fantastic with brown furniture and a green wall. On the wall, there is a global map. I also adore the kitty.

grey sofa in green living room

11. Gray and Green

You may use sage green to paint your walls if you want a deeper tint. Rather than the conventional green hues, these grey undertones add an appealing touch.

dark green living room with task lamp

12. Create Closeness With Dark Green Room Ideas

You can go with dark green room aesthetic ideas that help you create closeness in a space, making the lack of natural light appear comfortable and welcoming rather than gloomy.

green living room with white rug

13. Romance With Green

Sjoerd prefers a more industrial look, whereas Cassandra prefers a more romantic look.

The stylist for VT Wonen magazine has sought to bring their two lifestyles together in their new house in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, where they reside with their two sons.

wooden floor green living room

14. Contrast The Wall

The white entertainment console and accent chairs in this modern living room wonderfully contrast the green walls.

Combining green and white can create a fresh and invigorating design style.

black chandelier and floating shelves

15. Use Hanging Self

If you don’t want huge displays on the wall, hanging shelves are the best option to go with.

The brown sofa with a contemporary and minimalistic-style chandelier gives the room an enticing feeling.

brown sofa with coffee table

16. Use White Rugs

In this Spanish Mission mansion, Arent & Pyke worked their magic.

Night Watch is the perfect complement to the warm living area, which is anchored by a shaggy Moroccan rug and a leather couch sofa.

The whiteness of the area rug creates an attractive contrast between green and brown. Although it is royal, it can also be used in more casual settings.

pink sofa fireplace and lots of plants in green living room

17. Dark Green Living Room

The green living room walls are stunning, and I would use them happily in every room. It does pretty well with all the furniture and accessories.

yellow sofa walnut cabinet in living room

18. A Blend Of Modern And Vintage

Nanda, a 22-year-old blogger from Cologne, has already furnished her two-bedroom rental flat while her classmates are still living in flat shares.

Her partner and two Siamese cats live in a ground-floor flat in the trendy Ehrenfeld area.

With a fascinating blend of modern and vintage décor and a hint of free-spirited eccentricity, the space is as meticulously maintained as her Instagram page.

polished brown sofa beige rug and green walls

19. Brown and Sage Green Living Room Decor (Current And Old Mix)

A polished brown sofa or armchair with green walls complemented by a beige rug and a golden floor lamp is more inviting and refreshed.

It’s a mix of current and old design elements. If you are planning to renovate your living room, then this one might strike you well.

rusty orange sofa and sage green walls

20. Orange And  Green Living Room Ideas

The large windows that let in plenty of natural light didn’t swamp the room’s rich green color. To obtain a similar tribal vibe, combine rusty orange with sage green.

soft teal green

21. Soft Teal 6305

They used the hue 6350 Soft Teal on the living room walls. Finish Silk Matte in the same hue was used to paint the picture shelf in the living room.

The green color brings the energizing energy of nature into the home.

We find our real nature surrounded by the rich, blue-green colors of the rainforest, with vibrant touches of yellow and brilliant pink tones suggestive of an early morning.

green boho living room

22. Modern Boho Style: Green Room Ideas

This is the modern style for your boho-style room makeover.

The use of an orange velvet button well complemented the dark green living room walls of this living tufted sofa and the decorative element that hung on the back wall.

I love the irregular shape of the rug. The white color with a brown patch looks like Swiss cow skin.

grey sofa and benjamin moore vintage vouge green walls

23. Green And Grey Living Room: Benjamin Moore’s Vintage Vogue

With a standard-sized sofa and two matching accent chairs, this is a fairly conventional living room layout.

The grey sofa helps to keep the space looking lighter, and the chair gives just the right amount of warmth while being true to the mid-century aesthetic.

To avoid blocking light from the windows, the chair floated off the wall beside the window. The low-profile back and arm design let in as much light as possible.

The coffee table, which is modest in size, provides ample space to stroll about the room. The exhibition of grid patterns on the rear wall is stunning.

green wall and floor living room

24. Pink And Green Wall Living Room Makeover 

This is the best one to pick while planning your living room makeover.

The overall theme is the green wall living room and the area rug to make this room look the best.

The choice of furniture style and artwork on the gallery wall is also the best one that suits the overall room makeover.

golden stand task lamp and brass coffee table

25. Delightful Green

You may look here. There is a lot of artwork placed on the rear wall of this living room, which is complemented by the right shade of green.

The golden task lamp and brass-made coffee table, which double the décor, are my favorites.

brown leather sofa and moonstone green wall

26. Moonstone Light Green Living Room

The brown leather sofa blends well with Moonstone Green. This color is quite versatile. It goes pretty well with the rest of your interior.

A pair of beautiful coffee tables complement the furniture in this living room.

rough wood sofa green wall living room

27. Back To Nature

For those who love nature, no decor can be better than these rough woodwork sofas, coffee tables, wall decor items, rugs, and even plant pots that are naturally made.

This gives the room an adventurous and exciting look and feel.

green and white living room

28. Green And White Living Room

The dark green walls living room ideas are elegant and inviting, with dark green walls, a large marble fireplace, and an upholstered plush armchair.

sage green wall

29. Sage Green Walls Living Room

This room is painted a sage green color from floor to ceiling.

I appreciate how the decorative items are exhibited on elevated back walls that are somewhat higher than the sofa height, rather than on a shelf.

pink furniture and green walls

30. Pink Furniture, Green Wall

This living room has a tropical green color scheme. The pinkish button-tufted sofa harmonizes with the rest of the room.

Two huge paintings in a grid design on the rear wall look fantastic.

grey sofa and tropical green walls

31. Tropical Green

Spring has given way to summer! One of the benefits of investing in greenery for decor is that you can reuse it in the following season: summer.

When it comes to tropical decor, prints are the rage!

green wall living room

32. Paint The Display Wall In Green

A living room with a gallery wall displaying a variety of artworks. The table lamp in the shape of a golden fish is stunning.

lush green living room

33. Lush Green Living Room Ideas Decorating

This green living room gets a boost from a beautiful green paint job. The large circular mirror on the wall makes the room appear larger than it is.

The animal skin print rug is just stunning.

green sofa wall curtain

34. All Green

Almost everything in this room is green, from the walls to the furniture and drapes.

The artwork on the galley wall was in great harmony with the room’s atmosphere. The coffee table brings together all the furniture in the center.

emerald green and brown sofa

35. Emerald Green And Brown Living Room

This jewel-toned tint transports you to a Caribbean paradise. As you can see in this living space designed by Old Brand New, adding potted plants makes us utterly swoon.

green and pink living room

36. Green And Pink Living Room

With a leaf-printed rug and a pink velvet snuggle chair, this pink and green leafy living room exudes a vintage vibe.

The green velvet sofa and palm-printed wallpaper add to the tranquility of the space.

gold green yellow

37. Gold-Green-Yellow

The combination of gold and yellow tones with green has a soothing effect.

The earthy impression that the warmth that yellow tones convey is well-complemented by the green color.

maroon armchair and green green plant

38. Capra Living Room Design

Tom and Bianca created this unique design to create a sense of intimacy. The extensive use of plants and walls of the same hue creates a tranquil atmosphere.

The addition of a maroon armchair and a patterned rug ensures that this is a room that both stimulates and relaxes the mind.

animal print rug

39. One Of A Kind

I adore all of these one-of-a-kind residences. They’ve all built warm and inviting homes that glisten with creativity and a passion for interiors in their own distinctive way.

Do what you enjoy and take pride in it!

green and white living room with plants

40. Mix And Match Texture

The designer has two separate colors, white and green, to be more creative, and the theme has been carefully managed to make the total area look amazing and original.

The plants add a little more to the elegance and general appearance of the room.


1. Is Dark Green A Good Color For the Living Room?

The color green represents peace and prosperity. It’s one of the greatest paint colors for living rooms since it reflects the hues of the natural world.

Green walls will add a dash of vitality to your living room if you don’t have the space (or the energy) for a multitude of house plants.

2. How Do I Style A Dark Green Living Room?

Living rooms with dark green walls have a striking style. Paint the ceiling and trim in a brilliant white that will reflect light around the room to keep the space from feeling too dark. Warm touches, such as mustard yellow curtains and a leather chair, help to keep the green living room from looking too dark and gloomy.

3. What Emotions Represent Green?

According to the Psychology of Design, green symbolizes abundance and is connected with refreshment, calm, rest, and security. Green makes people feel more at ease and secure. People are asked to relax in the “green room” before coming on camera. Many doctors even use green in their offices to relax their patients.

4. Why Is Green Relaxing?

Green is a soothing and peaceful color. Green is one of the most attractive and pleasant hues since it represents nature. It invites harmonious feelings that can alleviate anxiety and help us stay calm and refreshed. The green family’s most stress-reducing colors are beige, greens, and mild yellow greens.

5. What Colors Go With Dark Green Walls?

Brass, black, brown, chocolate, wood, and even walnut look great against dark green walls! So if you’re thinking of painting an accent wall in your house, a dark green hue would be ideal!

6. What Furniture Goes With Dark Green?

Bring in more plush furnishings in neutrals like chocolate brown or jewel-toned colors like red or gold for a traditional style. We contrast dark green chairs with white fabric-covered chairs to keep the space feeling airy and contemporary. Furniture made of wood is a good bet.

7. What goes with green in a living room?

I want you to know that green goes well with everything. Whereas Grey, White, and Cream are the standard paint colors for living rooms.

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