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There isn’t a single house design that comes through here that doesn’t include a fantastic bathroom design complemented by a stunning modern bathroom vanity design.

We’ve seen and loved everything from ultra-modern designs with simplistic glass basins and cascade taps to rustic wood vanities with vessel sinks and matte black faucets.

With so much creativity to choose from, it may be difficult to locate your ultimate vanity cabinet style, so we’ve gathered 40 bathroom vanity ideas to accessorize your coherent collection.

Whether you’re looking for a tiny single vanity or a set of double vanities, we’re confident that something here will add style to your design.

Bathroom Vanity Designs

1. Curl-Back Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity ideas - curl back bathroom vanity
Image Credit: Blomus USA

This contemporary wood bathroom vanity offers a wonderful location for keeping fresh towels and toiletries by curling back around on itself to form a bottom shelf.

bathroom vanity ideas - rough wood vanity
Image Credit: Deavita

The vessel sink is set on the upper floating shelf of this bathroom’s roughwood vanity. Stainless steel is used for the faucet.

The backsplash is black and white floor tile, which acts as a decorative element.

This vanity has a unique design that isn’t found in many bathrooms.

The asymmetrical result draws attention to the exposed plumbing and the weightlessness of it all, while also opening up space.

This stunning bathroom by Haitani Design is unique in every way.

bathroom vanity ideas - monobloc_bathroom_vanity
Image Credit: MEKA

Monobloc vanity, which is cast in one piece, exudes a sense of fullness and elegance at the same time.

There are several finishes available, with waterproof plywood being the most common, although PVC cabinets, granite, and other options are also available.

bathroom vanity ideas Round_Benchtop_vanity
Image Credit: Cera Stribley

Vanity bench tops are frequently used in conjunction with fitted bathroom furniture to provide dimension and space in any bathroom.

They are an excellent method to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. When selecting one, consider both its durability and its aesthetic appeal.

bathroom vanity ideas the_grey_format bathroom vanity
Image Credit: DOT + POP

Grey is a classic, soothing, elegant, neutral, and monochromatic color.

Plus, bathrooms are frequently used for relaxation and rejuvenation, so it helps if the environment reflects the same tranquility that you desire.

Grey is not only fashionable, but it may also assist in creating a soothing environment for getting ready for the day or unwinding after a hard day.

Grey is an excellent choice for a bathroom’s stylish and refined design.

With two sinks, you’ll need two mirrors.

This frees up wall space between the two mirrors for additional lighting that you wouldn’t be able to have if you didn’t have a wall-to-wall mirror.

This is the bathroom mirror design for you if you enjoy symmetry.

bathroom vanity ideas timber bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Adore Magazine

Timber vanities are one of the most popular bathroom trends.

Bathrooms might seem clinical, but the timeless beauty and warmth of wood assist in creating a cheerful, welcoming environment.

bathroom vanity ideas with hexagonal mirror
Image Credit – WAYFAIR

A hexagonal bathroom mirror is installed over a navy blue vanity made of MDF (Medium Density Fibre) and the countertop is made of Carrara white marble.

The golden faucet on the countertop, as well as the bulb shade, add to the design.

bathroom vanity ideas the mirror wall vanity
Image Credit – Limaonagua

You don’t have to make sure your mirrors face the sink. Make a little jewelry book by lining the entire room with mirrors. This will also make it appear larger than it is.

bathroom vanity ideas D shaped vanity

Image Credit – Charlotte Nichole

Do you want your bathroom to stand out? Make a statement with this D-shaped vanity. It offers your bathroom a contemporary and exotic appearance.

bathroom vanity ideas rustic bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Shower DIY

Rustic bathroom vanities bring old-fashioned appeal to your home with a modern touch.

bathroom vanity ideas towel bar attached to the vanity
Image Credit – MOD Barn

Mod Barn provided the floating vanity. In this powder bathroom, the center placement of the refurbished Tolson towel bar makes a bold statement.

Anthropologie provided the towel. Phillip Jeffries’ nailhead trim wallpaper is used. Rejuvenation made the Tolson faucet, and Duravit made the sink.

Emtek Products made the door handle.

bathroom vanity ideas multi drawer vanity
Image Credit – Amy Bartlam Photog

Multi-drawer vanities provide you with extra space for storage.

You may say goodbye to the dreaded delve into the unknown depths of your cosmetics bag, as many of them have numerous sections for organizing.

emerald green bathroom vanity ideas
Image Credit – Like To Know It

Green is an underappreciated yet frequently beautiful hue for virtually every bathroom.

Green is a versatile and adaptable hue that works well in both modern and traditional bathrooms.

XXL Mirror bathroom vanity ideas
Image Credit – ELLE

Your bathroom will appear larger with a large mirror. It’s more suited for couples because you can both use it at the same time while having fun.

modern black bathroom vanity ideas
Image Credit – SIMO Design

The walls and tub front of this bathroom are made of salvaged wood that has been dyed black.

The black faucet blended in wonderfully with the rest of the bathroom. It’s cozy, has a lot of texture and grain, and has a modern, rustic vibe to it.

Single Sink bathroom Vanity ideas
Image Credit – Lowe

This bathroom vanity set exudes elegance and is done in a current fashion.

The entire cabinetry is built of solid wood and includes a completely integrated power outlet as well as a removable drawer organizer.

The artistic style allows you to customize your bathroom to capture an incredible beauty that is perfectly suited to your modern home.

trendy blue color bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Decoist

It takes some work to add a trendy hue to an existing bathroom.

Rather than changing the tiles or attempting to squeeze in an accent wall, a simple change in vanity can easily accomplish the same goal.

Even if you aren’t a lover of the “traditional blue” hue, you can experiment with other variations of the color that are more to your liking while also enhancing the space’s aesthetic.

Of course, if you’re planning a new bathroom, the process will be a lot easier.

reclaimed wood bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Sweetriverdesign

Do you need a place to keep all of your bathroom necessities? Choose a reclaimed wood vanity instead of a traditional vanity!

Because no new materials were manufactured with toxin-emitting machines, using recycled resources like recovered wood is a sustainable practice.

If you’re creating a vanity, using reclaimed wood can help you save money right away.

You can also make a DIY vanity using repurposed materials and items from your own home, such as an old bookcase, nightstand, or dresser.

peach color bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Katie Charlotte

“If your bathroom is mostly white, consider painting your vanity a brighter color to add instant individuality,” recommends Cortney Bishop of Cortney Bishop Design.

“Just because your bathroom is a personal space doesn’t mean it can’t have personality.”

Brick walls are great for décor because they provide an industrial edge, make the area cozier, and require less maintenance.

Because bathrooms are frequently humid and hot, such décor is appropriate for them. A brick wall near the bathtub or shower would be ideal.

single bathroom vanity
Image Vanity – Perigold

The vanity has a sleek style that fits perfectly in a contemporary bathroom.

The front of the cabinet is adorned with satin-brass drawer knobs that stand out against the dark navy blue finish.

A couple of practical drawers and a lower shelf for larger objects are included in the semi-open design. The vanity is made of mahogany and has a quality feel to it.

Rustic Wall Bathroom Vanity
Image Credit – Sneak Peek Design

Brick walls are great for décor because they provide an industrial edge, make the area cozier, and require less maintenance.

Because bathrooms are frequently humid and hot, such décor is appropriate for them. A brick wall near the bathtub or shower would be ideal.

You may also use bricks in other areas, such as around the sinks or to create a brick ceiling, depending on your taste.

Even in a feminine bathroom, bricks may be utilized; simply paint them white and add flowers and floral designs, and voila!

stone wall backsplash bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Etsy

One of the most popular aspects of bathroom and shower décor is stone walls.

Installing a fake stone or genuine stone wall there adds elegance and substance, elevating even the most basic bathroom décor.

Natural and fake stones are both water- and damage-resistant, so you may install one behind the bathtub or in the shower to transform your bathroom into a spa.

There are so many textures and colors to select from that you’ll be able to discover the perfect fit for your home.

You may also add a splash of color to a sink wall by covering it with stone and highlighting it with illuminated mirrors.

Antique Style Bathroom Vanity
Image Credit – Behance

Antique bathroom vanities are ideal for classic houses and bathrooms that want to add a touch of antiquity to their décor.

These vanities are as attractive as they are functional, fitting into nearly any bathroom decor and vastly increasing bathroom management.

brass edging mirror bathroom vanity
Image Credit – AD Russia

These lengthy mirrors have a brass finish that gives them an antique, aristocratic air.

Polished nickel and oil-rubbed bronze are among the finishes offered for the mirrors.

The brass option is our favorite since it perfectly complements the warm tones of this stunning bathroom.

elegant bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Elegant Cabinetry

This bathroom has a black Carrara marble countertop and a wooden vanity. The bronze vessel and black faucet add to the overall look.

wooden frame mirror bathroom vanity

The bathroom gets a classic touch with a rustic atmosphere thanks to a wood-framed mirror. This type of mirror is framed in a variety of colors and wood types.

It is essential to select the appropriate mirror for the bathroom’s overall design. Artists do a fantastic job framing these sorts of mirrors.

As a result, adding this to your bathroom will give it aesthetic appeal.

Barn door bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Kingston Brass

These chic storage solutions give homeowners the impression of a barn door on their bathroom vanity without the bother of clunky locks or a lack of privacy.

They’re ideal for compact bathrooms and provide lots of storage because they don’t require space to swing open or inside hardware like drawers.

3 level bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Lumber Lust Designs

This 3-level vanity made out of wood provides a raw and exciting look as well as extra storage space.

wood slab bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Little Branch Farm

A gorgeous and natural slab of wood used as a bathroom vanity top frequently becomes the unrivaled focal point of the area it adorns, as well as defining and determining the room’s aesthetic.

Although the vanity top serves as a full vanity, there is plenty of counter space here, and the vanity top can be extended to make even more!

modern peach bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Anne Sage

The incorporated basin in this modern peach bathroom vanity keeps the design simple, enabling accent elements like the ornate wall mirror to shine.

off-set bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Dylan James

On this bathroom shelf, where the bathroom mirror is positioned, an offset basin leaves space to set up soap dispensers.

letterbox shelf bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Ahmed Morsy

The letterbox shelf on this stone-colored vanity has been embellished with ornamental candles and a set of tea light holders. The area beneath it is ideal for storing linen baskets.

chunky bathroom vanity
Image Credit – DEAVITA

On a hefty vanity shelf with matching cupboards, a huge vessel sink looks fantastic.

couple friendly bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Season In Color

A double-sink bathroom vanity is the ideal option for a couple that spends their early mornings competing for space in the bathroom to get ready.

Take a look at this beautiful scene.

self wash stand bathroom vanity
Image Credit – eBay UK

As this modest modern vanity area demonstrates, even small layouts may feature a stunning wash zone.

A vessel-style bathroom sink is paired with the countertop. The round mirror acts as a decorative element.

Greenry sanctury bathroom vanity
Image Credit – Essential Home

The mix of grey, timber, and greenery provides a sense of elegance and serenity. A beautifully handcrafted vanity cabinet was used to create this haven.

Dual-layer bathroom vanity
Image Credit – IH

For the minimalist with additional bath supplies kept in a neighboring linen closet, an open bathroom vanity like this inspired design is a good alternative.

A curated display can be created on the bottom shelf.

decorative mirror bathroom vanity
Image Credit – COVET HOUSE

This bathroom features a “not-so-regular” mirror, which makes it stand out and even better looking. The backlit mirror adds to the ambiance.

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