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What Is Boho Style Called?

Sprucing up your space with Boho style is like giving your home a creative and eclectic makeover. It takes inspiration from the carefree bohemian lifestyle, celebrating freedom, individuality, and art. A boho-themed interior design usually features:

1. A playful mix of patterns, colors, and textures borrowed from different cultures and eras.
2. Loads of natural materials like wood, rattan, leather, cotton, and linen.
3. Various cool accessories—think rugs, pillows, throws, baskets, plants, and artwork.
4. A chill and comfy vibe, decked with many cushions, blankets, and candles. It’s all about that laid-back, easygoing feel.

How To Do Boho Style In Bedroom?

Here are 31 ways to do boho-style in your bedroom:

boho bedroom with off white walls and green bedding
Image Credit: Chasing Daisies

1. Opt For Earth Colors

To get that cool boho vibe, think about the colors you love. Take a cue from Chasing Daisies—they went for earthy tones like deep green and brown shades.

These colors pop against the mostly off-white backdrop of the bedroom. What makes it super boho? Well, there’s this handmade bench right in front of the bed and a nifty woven shelf on the side.

Usually, Boho loves its patterns, but it’s all about playing with different textures here. They nailed it with the bedding and pillowcases, creating a comfy and stylish mix.

boho bedroom with natural light coming in
Image Credit: Jungalow

2. Give It A Natural Glow

No strict rules for boho vibes! Sometimes, you want the design to be subtle. Try a natural boho look for your bedroom—think indoor Babylon garden.

Jungalow nailed the natural glow of a bohemian-themed bedroom. Go for materials like rattan or wood.

Check out the handcrafted weaved rattan side table and vase; they bring that refreshing garden vibe. And, oh, the bedding’s got this cool random doodle pattern for that extra flair!

3. Add Your Favorite Color As An Accent Color

Boho bedrooms often stick to neutrals without much color.

However, if you’re a fan of vibrant hues, don’t hesitate to throw in your favorite color as an accent to your neutral space.

Imagine how a splash of mint green could jazz up your boho room!

4. Pick A Rug That Jazzes Up Your Bohemian Bedroom

Grab a rug that matches your vibe and jazzes up your bedroom.

Go for those earthy colors we’ve been chatting about. Spice things up by choosing one with a blend of patterns, colors, or textures.

5. Simplicity Is Beauty

Boho bedrooms often have many intricate details; don’t hesitate to keep things simple if you’re into a more minimal vibe.

Opting for all-white bedding gives a clean, minimalistic look that fits perfectly in a boho bedroom.

boho bedroom with pink victorian pattern wallpaper
Image Credit: The Cards We Drew

6. Go For A Victorian-Pattern Wallpaper

There is no such thing as too much pink in your bedroom! If you’re keeping an eye on your wallet, go for wallpaper and crafty decorations.

They went with Victorian-patterned wallpaper and spiced things up with plates made of different materials.

The mix of colors on the wall makes the bedroom feel like pink lemonade—refreshing!

To amp up the pink and blush vibe, add in plain, striking orange bedding for a cozy, warm atmosphere.

When you’re picking out textiles like carpets, blankets, and bed covers, take your time to get the right ones.

boho bedroom with teal and ochre color scheme
Image Credit: Hunker

7. Incorporate Amazing Teal And Orche

Boho style isn’t all about soft colors; it’s also about embracing bold ones! Check out this cool teal and ochre color combo we found on Hunker.

It’s a modern take on bohemian vibes, opting for solid colors over busy patterns. Take a peek at the wall decorations; they’re modern and minimal, giving off a sleek look.

The room keeps it simple with not too many details, but the abstract art on the walls spills the beans.

And for a touch of intricacy among the plain textiles, there’s a carpet with mandala-like patterns to balance things out. Cool, huh?

8. Go For An Intricate Wood Design

In a boho bedroom, ditch the headboard if you want a laid-back vibe. But hey, if you’re into headboards, there’s a bunch of cool choices.

Think fancy wooden patterns or keep it chill with something super simple.

boho bedroom with peach pastel hue
Image Credit: Jungalow

9. Dominate With Peach Pastel

Go for a simple boho vibe by choosing peach pastels for your bedroom.

We’re digging Jungalow’s bohemian bedroom idea—the bedding colors pop against the neutral wall tones.

The gracefully curved upholstered headboard adds a touch of femininity. Spice things up with some indoor plants for a fresh feel.

Keeping it easy on the eyes, the walls are a clean matte white, adorned with a cool collection of hats in various brown shades.

boho bedroom with clay orange with off-white and moss green
Image Credit: Daily Dream Decor

10. Combine Clay Orange With Off-White And Mosaic Green

If bold colors aren’t your thing, you can rock the boho vibe with neutral tones.

Picture this: a mix of clay orange, off-white, and moss green creates a lively and fresh vibe in your bedroom.

Skip the tapestries on the walls and go for cool abstract portraits just above your comfy bed.

Make wood the star of the show; it’s the main material shaping the character of your shelf and bench.

And to amp up your bedroom’s style, throw in some tall indoor plants. They add height and bring the whole look together. Easy, right?

boho wall art for a boho bedroom

11. Add Personality With Boho Wall Art

Are you sprucing up your boho bedroom? Throw in some of your favorite art prints! It’s a cool way to let your personality shine.

Pick pieces with simple lines, abstract shapes, and plenty of white space.

Make a mini-art gallery on your wall with those favorites. Mix up the frame sizes for that perfect boho gallery vibe.

modern boho bedroom with different layer of bedding in warm colors
Image Credit: Iayjao

12. Modern Boho Vibe

If you’re not a fan of the busy bohemian style, consider going for the modern boho vibe. It’s tidy, easy to manage, and lets you play with various color combos.

To nail the look, throw on layers of cozy, warm-colored bedding. Toss in a rattan-woven basket and a carpet on the side for that boho touch without going overboard.

Keep the walls simple with a clean white canvas to let in natural light and balance out the warm tones in your bedroom.

boho bedroom in brown and beige
Image Credit: Quiet Minimal

13. Focus Of Pattern And Design For Warm Spirits

Get ready to feel all warm and cozy in your bedroom with those awesome Boho vibes! Think lots of browns and beige; it’s like bringing a comfy hug to your space.

Inspired by Quiet Minimal, this Boho style is all about that chill and sweet look. What makes it super cool? Picture layers of sheets in these amazing warm colors.

It turns your room into this cool, saturated haven. Oh, and don’t forget this key tip: pay extra attention to the patterns on your pillowcases and bedding.

That’s the secret sauce to making your bed the star of the show!

boho bedroom with peach blush color scheme
Image Credit: DIY Darlin

14. Give It A Soft Feminine Touch

No worries if you’re into girly colors—Boho bedrooms have zero color rules! Check out this lovely peachy-blush bedroom idea.

DIY Darlin, the mastermind behind it, went for a curvy headboard and a fluffy comforter to keep you cozy on chilly nights.

What takes it up a notch? Those layered, colorful pillows have a hint of pattern. They make the details pop.

And don’t forget the finishing touch—a blush-embroidered carpet that adds a comfy vibe. Toss in a little statement piece, and voila, your Boho haven is uniquely yours!

boho bedroom with mix of brown orange white and grey

15. Clean And Minimalist Look, Perfect For Boho Style

Fall, the season of warm oranges, is a top pick for many. Boho bedrooms love these cozy hues, especially when borrowed from Pinterest.

Imagine a bedroom with rich browns and oranges paired with clean whites and grays—it’s like a warm hug.

Look at the tapestry on the wall and the bedding’s design. And those cute pompoms at the bed’s end? They turn it into the ultimate lounging spot.

boho bedroom with striking colors
Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

16. Utilized Striking Colors To Bring Jolly And Creative Vibe

Can’t pick a color? No problem! Grab a mix of fabrics with different textures and patterns. This is key to nailing that awesome boho vibe in your bedroom.

Check out Apartment Therapy—they went all out with vibrant colors, bringing a fun and creative feel.

They hung up a cool embroidered tapestry with a symmetrical design, to keep the walls from being too busy.

It became the focal point, surrounded by other funky circular wall decorations.

boho bedroom in indoor camping style
Image Credit: Real Simple

17. Feel Like An Indoor Camp

Think beyond just how your bedroom looks; think about the vibe you’re after.

Take, for instance, the folks who wanted their room to feel like an indoor camp—pretty cool, right?

They brought the outdoors in with fairy lights that mimic starlight. And get this: they ditched the usual steel bed frame for a wallet-friendly wood pallet.

Throw in some fuzzy rattan carpets and a midwood pole by the bed, and bam—camping vibes right in your room. It’s like sleeping under the stars but without the bugs!

boho bedroom with white color scheme

18. Keep The Color At Minimum

If you’re thinking about keeping things simple with colors, going for white as the main color is the way to go for your bedroom makeover.

Stylecaster nailed the monochromatic boho look by layering handmade textiles everywhere, from bedding to pillowcases.

They even went the extra mile with a DIY bed frame made from wooden panels that match the flooring.

They adorned the walls with dreamy decorations, like hanging feathers, to add some personality.

Sure, it might take a bit of effort to keep everything in top shape, but that’s what gives the bedroom that Pinterest-worthy charm.

The cozy vibe created by all these materials makes the space feel super relaxing and intimate.

19. Add A Fun Touch: Bench

Toss a bench at the foot of your bed for some extra flair! It’s not just a cool spot to kick off your socks; it’s also a perfect nook for adding a touch of boho charm.

cozy boho bedroom with unmade bed

20. Create A Lived-In Vibe By Leaving Your Bed Unmade

To capture that chill Boho bedroom feel, don’t aim for perfection. Skip the perfectly arranged blankets and neatly tucked bedspreads.

Instead, go for the lived-in vibe—leave your bed a bit undone or casually toss a blanket on top. It’s all about that effortless, relaxed style!

boho bedroom with layered texture

21. Make Your Boho Bedroom Cozy By Adding Layers

To make your Boho bedroom super cozy, it’s all about adding layers.

Bring in the outdoorsy vibes with materials like wood, wicker, rattan, and natural fabrics.

When picking out your headboard, chairs, furniture, and rugs, keep these earthy materials in mind.

boho bedroom with plants

22. Boho Bedroom Is Incomplete Without Plants

No boho bedroom is boho without some plants!

Pop a house plant in the corner, toss a couple of small ones on your nightstand, or get creative by hanging them from the ceiling or wall!

And don’t forget, they look awesome in woven baskets or those trendy macramé plant hangers.

23. Add A Whimsical Wall Hanging

Let’s kick your boho bedroom style up a notch with a cool boho wall hanging! There are so many choices, like woven wall baskets or macramé hangings.

Just pick one that speaks to you and watch your room become totally yours!

24. Go Bold With Big Hanging Light Fixtures

Go for a bold look with big hanging light fixtures that embrace the earthy feel of boho—think wicker, bamboo, rattan, or seagrass for that natural touch.

boho bedroom with low profile bed

25. Have A Low-Profile Bed

Check out this cool trend in boho bedrooms—keeping the bed low! It’s like a magic trick for making your room feel super open and breezy.

Picture this: your mattress and box spring right on the floor, or snag a bed frame that’s chill and close to the ground. It’s all about that laid-back boho vibe!

26. Boho Bedroom’s Heart-Bedding

Let’s focus on the heart of your boho bedroom—the bedding! Boho style is all about creating a chill vibe, so aim for bedding that’s comfy and laid-back.

When picking out your comforter or duvet cover, opt for earthy tones like white, beige, and burnt orange!

Embrace textures, like embroidered fabrics, and have fun with playful details such as tassels and poms. It’s all about that cozy, carefree feel!

Source: streetstyle.eveningdressesmodels.ga

27. Nude Tone And Natural Textiles

Elevate your bedroom with nude tones and natural textures like cotton, linen, and wool.

These materials not only add a touch of class but also create a uniquely comfortable space.

Picture yourself in a haven that blends style with the ultimate “ahh, this is me” feeling.

Posters and Patterned Plates in boho bedroom

28. Posters And Patterns

When you’re checking out boho bedrooms, you’ll notice patterns everywhere. Want to know a cool trick?

Hang those funky-patterned posters or plates right above your bed. It instantly makes your bed the star of the show, and it’s super eye-catching.

It is especially awesome if your walls are a clean, crisp white—it makes the patterns pop!

Tropical Boho Bedroom Interior

29. Tropical Boho Bedroom

Check out this cool island-chic vibe, drawing inspiration from lush tropical greens to craft the ultimate boho-style bedroom.

Imagine having a bunch of greenery in your room. Not only does it boost your mood, but it also pairs like a dream with those beautiful hardwood floors.

Dive into the green spectrum using soft pastels and vibrant hues, mixing it with loads of textures against clean, bright white walls.

Play around with different textures to create a calming island-style feel.

Rustic boho bedroom with wooden furniture

30. Rustic Boho Bedroom

Let’s dive into one key boho-style trick: using natural textures. Think wood, folks! It’s like bringing a bit of the great outdoors into your room, making it feel breezy and light.

Want a standout piece? Get yourself a wooden headboard—it’s a game-changer!

Oh, and here’s a cool tip: stick to the same wood for all your furniture. It’s like magic for giving your room a super put-together vibe.

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Boho Bedroom Bedside Table

31. Boho Bedroom Bedside Table

Your bed is like the superstar of your bedroom, right? Well, guess what? The bedside tables you pick influence how cool your room looks!

These wooden and rattan tables are like the VIPs of boho chic.


And there you have it—a Boho bedroom that’s as unique as you are!

We’ve journeyed through 31 fantastic ideas, from earthy color palettes to whimsical wall hangings, all designed to transform your space into a haven of Boho bliss.

Remember, the Boho style is all about breaking free from the ordinary, embracing the eclectic, and creating a space that reflects your personality.

So, go ahead, mix those patterns, play with textures, and let your bedroom be a canvas for your individuality.

Whether you opt for a subtle natural glow, a burst of vibrant colors, or a minimalist approach, the key is to feel the laid-back, free-spirited vibe every time you step into your Boho retreat.

Now, armed with these ideas, it’s time to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary that not only looks stunning but also feels like home. Sweet dreams in your Boho haven!

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