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Step into the enchanting world of small living rooms design Indian style transform limited spaces into inviting sanctuaries. Embrace the charm of small living room design, Indian style, as you picture yourself in these intimate corners. Each space tells a unique tale, seamlessly blending tradition with modern elegance. From lush green havens to the sophistication of Japandi influence, join us on a journey through these charming living rooms. They are more than mere spaces; they’re heartwarming retreats, infused with the enchanting magic of Indian decor.

22 Small Living Room Design Indian Style

small indian living room with beige sofa and round table

1. Small Lush Green Heaven

Escape from the city chaos and unwind and relax in this green oasis. The living room filled with lush plants and comfy cushions, sets the scene for a calm and revitalizing vibe. It’s your spot to take a deep breath, kick back, and soak in the beauty of nature.


small japandi style indian living room with blue neutral shade

2. Elegance Of Japandi Style

Experience the serenity and elegance of Japandi style in this Mumbai home by Ali Balidiwala. Every element, from the breezy colors to the purposeful textures, harmonizes to create a clutter-free and simple space. It’s a home where less is more and everything fulfils a purpose.


It’s a space where you can breathe easy and enjoy nature’s beauty.

3. A Sunlit Sanctuary

Bask in the sunshine and comfort of this living room, where every detail reflects the warmth and beauty of Indian culture. The cushions, the rug, and the plant create a cozy and colorful space, ideal for enjoying chai and conversation.


It’s a space where you can breathe easy and enjoy nature’s beauty.

4. Me-Time Small Living Room Corner 

Who doesn’t love a cozy corner to unwind and enjoy some me-time? This living room corner is a perfect example of how to create a warm and inviting space with a touch of Indian charm. The sofa, the cushions, the shelf, the plants, and the lamp all work together to create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere. This is a corner where you can curl up with a book, sip a cup of tea, or just gaze out the window and appreciate the beauty of life.


small indian living room with turquoise sofa

5. A Splash Of Indian Colour And Culture

Discover the beauty of Indian culture in this living room, where turquoise accents add a splash of color and charm. The cozy sofas, artistic décor pieces, and hanging plants create a warm, inviting space, perfect for relaxing and enjoying.


small indian living with cozy blue sofa, vibrant cushions, and a beautiful painting

6. A Blue Haven For Chai And Relaxation

Enjoy the comfort and elegance of this living room, where a blue sofa, vibrant cushions, and a beautiful painting create a serene atmosphere. The wooden furniture adds an earthy touch, while the large window invites ample sunlight. It’s a haven for chai and relaxation.


small indian living room corner with A large framed painting of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati

7. A Devine Corner

Step into a space where tranquility and artistry blend; a beautiful painting of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha graces the wall, adding a divine touch. The cozy seating, adorned with vibrant cushions, invites you to unwind in this serene corner.


small indian living room with blue sofa

8. Haveli-Style Living Room

Experience the beauty and charm of a haveli-style living room, where every detail reflects the vibrant culture and artistry of India. The blue seating, the artistic painting of Lord Shiva, and the patterned floor create a harmonious and elegant space.


small indian living room with blue sofa and artistic wall art

9. A Coastal Retreat In The City

Feel the breeze and the calmness of the sea in this Mumbai home decor, where the blue sofa and the artistic wall art evoke the shore’s beauty. It’s a coastal retreat within the bustling city, offering elegance and relaxation.


small indian living room with turquoise wall and contrasting sofa

9. A Turquoise Living Room with a Cultural Flair

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to brighten up your living room with colours, take a cue from Patricia and Mathai’s Delhi home makeover. They entrusted Shivani Dogra, a talented interior designer, to transform their space into a lively and cozy oasis. Shivani used a turquoise wall as a canvas to display various artworks that reflect the couple’s culture and personalities. She also added two sofas in contrasting colours of green and red and accessorized them with colourful cushions that feature intricate patterns. The look is complete with a round wooden table, a blue cabinet, and some red flowers. The result is a vibrant and inviting living room that celebrates colours and culture.


a well lit spacious small indian living room

10. A Symphony Of Comfort And Elegance

This Indian living room is a perfect example of how to blend tradition and modernity with style and grace. The green sofa, with its colorful floral cushions, invites you to relax and enjoy the serene beauty of the space. The eclectic art pieces, the bamboo chandelier, and the yellow curtain add charm and coziness to the room. The white floor and the ceiling lights create a bright and spacious atmosphere.


small indian living room with sofa colourful sofa cushions and red wood mirror

11. A Traditional Indian Touch

Do you love the look of traditional Indian decor? Then you will love this cozy living room that mixes modern comfort with cultural elegance. The beige sofa, with its colorful cushions and exquisite rug, is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the view. The red mirror and the wooden artwork add a touch of history and art to the room. The green plants bring freshness and life to the space. This living room is a cozy corner with traditional charm.


small indian living room with rustic retreat

12. A Rustic Retreat With Goan Twist

Imagine living in a home that transports you to the sunny beaches of Goa, right in the heart of Mumbai. That’s what Priyanka and Piyush Mehra, the founders of PS Design, achieved with this Wadala home. They used warm textures and a sandy palette to create a rustic and cozy living room. The floral sofa, the turquoise bench, the patterned rug, and the indoor plants add a splash of color and freshness to the space. The wooden coffee table adds a touch of elegance and culture. This living room is a rustic retreat with a Goan twist.


small indian living room with wooden furniture, the ornate mirror frame, and the floor lamp

13. A Cultural and Comfortable Space

If you’re into the awesome vibes of India’s cultural style, you’re going to fall for this super comfy living room. Sink into the cozy sofa with its soft cushions and beautiful embroidery—it’s your spot to kick back and soak in the good vibes. The classy wooden furniture, the cool mirror frame, and that sleek floor lamp give the room a fancy yet welcoming vibe. Oh, and don’t miss the green plant; it adds a pop of freshness to the warm feel. This living room? It’s tradition meets elegance all the way.


small indian living room

14. Timeless Comfort, Modern Charm

Embrace the allure of a living room that dances effortlessly between classic charm and absolute comfort. The chairs are adorned with pink floral designs, a cabinet boasting intricate patterns, and artworks that burst with vibrant colors, all conspiring to fashion a space that’s both chic and beckoning. The cushions, leaves, and curtains play their part, injecting a breath of fresh air and a dash of contrast. It’s a living room orchestrating a symphony, seamlessly blending tradition and comfort.


small indian living room with minimalist decor

15. Minimal And Cozy

Welcome to Preethi Prabhu’s living room, a cozy corner where you can enjoy the best of both worlds: tradition and comfort. The red cushions, with their intricate designs, add a splash of color and culture to the space. The wooden and wicker elements, along with the green plants, create a natural and earthy vibe.


small indian living room with yellow accent chair

16. A Symphony Of Colors

Dive into the warm embrace of this vibrant Indian living room, where every corner is a melody of colors and textures. The elegant mix of traditional and contemporary elements creates a space that’s both cozy and visually stunning—a perfect retreat for family gatherings.


small living room with brick exposed brick pattern

17. Blend Of Tradition And Modernity

Welcome to this Indian living room, a vibrant space that blends tradition and modernity. The clay sculpture and brick pattern add an earthy charm, while the blue sofa and yellow shelf add a splash of color. The colorful cushions, rug, and tabletop create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


small living room with beige and orange cushion

18. An Enchanting Space

Ritu’s living room is where you can feel the warmth and richness of Indian culture and heritage. The beige sofa, with its orange and patterned cushions, offers a cozy and elegant seating area. The painting above the sofa depicts a beautiful cityscape, showcasing the diversity and beauty of India. The coffee table, the rug, and the floor lamp add to the charm and sophistication of the room. Ritu’s living room is a curated treasure trove of enchanting, priceless artworks and artifacts.


small living room with mithila art

19. A Living Room Inspired By Mithila Art

This living room is a stunning example of how to incorporate traditional art forms into modern design. The concept is based on elements of Mithila art, a folk art from the region of Bihar and Nepal. The vibrant chairs, the artistic wall frames, and the decorative items reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region. The orange sofa, the white coffee table, and the green plants add a touch of comfort and elegance to the space. This living room is a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity.


small living room with colorful cushions

20. A Touch Of Southern Color

Welcome to this Indian living room, where you can feel the warmth and richness of Indian culture. The colorful cushions, the traditional artifacts, and the intricate designs are reminiscent of the colorful Indian homes from Chennai, Southern India, today!


small indian living room with teakwood furniture

Image Credit: Diary Of A Serial Thrifter

21. Shatakshi’s Relaxing Zone

Step into the warmth of this earthy living room, a perfect blend of tradition and comfort. Teakwood furniture, adorned with vibrant cushions, complements the layered rugs and wall accents. The indoor plants breathe life, making it a cozy retreat in bustling Mumbai. This is the living room of Shatakshi, who lives in a 2-bedroom rental apartment and loves to infuse her space with Indian style and charm.


small indian living room with black and white armchair, the turquoise cabinet, and the pink floral cushion

Source: Architectural Digest

22. A Modern Twist With Colonial Home

This cozy living room is a perfect example of how to blend old and new styles. The colonial architecture of the home, located in Malabar Hills, Mumbai, is enhanced by the modern touch of Shimona Bhansali of Design Hex. The black and white armchair, the turquoise cabinet, and the pink floral cushion add a splash of color and contrast to the room. The wooden coffee table, the vintage wall clock, and the vase of flowers create a sense of elegance and charm. This living room is a beautiful mix of tradition and innovation.


In our journey through Indian living rooms, it’s like meeting a diverse group of friends, each with their unique style. We’ve hung out in lush green spaces, experienced the calm elegance of Japandi vibes, and even taken a trip to coastal retreats and rustic Goan getaways. Every room is like a friend telling its own story, blending tradition and modern flair into a harmonious melody of comfort and style.

Imagine these living rooms as characters in a tale—some adorned with spiritual art, others inspired by traditional Mithila designs. They’re not just rooms; they’re inviting you to step into a cultural journey, a warm hug of Indian heritage. Whether it’s the minimal and cozy type or the vibrant and colorful kind, these living spaces are like friends who welcome you with open arms, creating havens filled with personal warmth, comfort, and cultural pride.


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