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Are you planning a bathroom design? If your bathroom design needs a makeover and you are looking for bathroom design tips, trends, ideas, and tricks, get all you need right here with this blog post.

I found new trends and fascinating bathroom ideas that I want to share with all of you. If you plan for a bathroom remodel or design, this one is for you.

It will inspire you to add a touch of personality and elegance to your design.

I’ll share some merging trends and tips to help you plan your dream bathroom. I’d love to know your favorite part. So please comment and don’t forget to share.

Are you ready to discover all these ideas? Let’s get started.

Bathroom Design Tips That Make Your Guest Jealous

1. Bathroom Vanity

floating bathroom vanity

Floating vanities continue to be a trend in contemporary bathrooms. Floating wall-mounted mirrors are clean and airy, making the bathroom appear larger.

The best part is that it makes it easy to clean floors.

Bathroom vanity designs are available in a variety of formats and configurations that you can tailor to your needs.

It ranges from options with storage spaces to minimalist designs that only serve as support for the washbasin.

Best of all, you can create a design adapted to the space using wooden boards that you customize according to the dimensions available in the space.

Your creativity can easily create a pleasing design and make it possible on a low budget.

2. Bathroom Lights

bathroom lights

When it comes to bathroom lighting, the current trend is to incorporate lighting that is integrated into the architecture.

Which consists of illuminating the space’s geometry and volumes rather than illuminating the space itself. using decorative lamps as the main source of lighting.

This is because spaces appear more sophisticated, clean, modern, and soft, as well as having more pleasing lighting and atmosphere.

Architectural lighting is a popular trend because LED lamps are becoming more affordable and versatile, transforming them into a key component in modern designs.

Architectural lighting is commonly used in bathrooms to define the binary area or to illuminate the lower part of floating vanities with backlight mirrors.

To define the volume on the ceiling, walls, etc.

If you feel it is necessary, the integrated lighting can be complemented with a decorative pendant or wall lamp, depending on your design style and concept.

One of the ideas that I like the most is to incorporate LED lights under the floating units. 

It is very interesting how the furniture’s elevation is emphasized and contributes to creating diffuse lighting space, giving quite a modern appearance.

difference between using and not using lighting diffuser under bathroom vanity

Details are what make the difference.

Light + Reflection

If the floor has a reflective finish, it is better not to use lighting directed towards that surface because, visually, we will see the light source reflected on the floor, which is not a very nice detail. 

It is a prevalent mistake made even by professional designers.

So, remember, when incorporating light under floating vanities, make sure that the flooring has a matte texture.

If you are looking for a light, modern look, in addition to everything adapted to your design, floating vanities are excellent options.

Lightning conditions and source distribution play a role in how we perceive spaces. Always remember that light is necessary to make the space you’ve created look fantastic.

Remember that a good lighting plan combines different layers and types of clamps in a space.

3. Mixing Textures

textured bathroom

In interior design, it’s crucial to mix and match textures. Bathrooms are no longer boring spaces, most only follow standards.

Bathrooms nowadays require a design and appealing details for the user to fully enjoy their home.

Depending on the style of your home, maintaining an aesthetic that connects with the other areas of the house is critical.

You can mix and match textures. You can use two types of flooring textures or colors to divide different areas of the bathroom.

You can use a tile that contrasts with the rest of the room in the shower area or on the wall where the vanity will be installed.

You can choose a contrasting texture to create a focal point that adds interest to the space.

You can even choose to project a texture from the floor to make a full statement or remember that contrast is a fundamental design principle in interior spaces.

Nowadays, there are bathroom tiles with beautiful finishes that perfectly simulate wood, marvel concrete, and so on, allowing us to create elegant spaces without breaking the bank.

When choosing coatings for the bathroom, especially flooring materials, it is critical to choose ones with texture and a matte finish to avoid falling asleep and causing an accident.

Some of my favorite texture combinations are black or white marble and wood. I love the contrast between the warmth of wood and the sophisticated elegance of marble.

Both are timeless textures. Because it is elegant and balanced, this combination is widely used in contemporary bathrooms.

4. Large Bathroom Tiles

bathroom tiles with grout lines

Contemporary spaces seek a clean, sleek, and uncluttered appearance. For this reason, oversized rectangular tiles are favorites right now.

Fewer rod lines mean less scrubbing and can make a small space appear larger. The goal is to make the wall and floor surfaces look like they are made of the same material.

To achieve this appearance, something we do on-site when laying the tiles is to make sure that the space between each piece is the minimum possible.

Also, the grout lines’ color is similar to the ceramic color. One of my personal favorites is this technique.

Because in addition to providing a more elegant appearance. The dirt that collects between the tiles will be reduced.

5. Black Accent

bathroom with black accessories

The matte black accent is still a favorite interior design trend.

Incorporating them in the bathroom is no exception. In the bathroom, they are widely used in fixtures, handles, mirrors, frames, or even in the shower screen profile.

The black details usually give space visual weight. It helps ground composition, especially when the colors of the space are light.

The contrast that is created is fascinating.

However, black acids combine perfectly with textures such as wood, concrete, white or black marble, etc., especially when looking for a more contemporary look.

You can see that the bathroom rug is also placed, which completes the whole space.

Before deciding to include final touches, remember to evaluate the material used in space. It’s crucial to consider how the details interact with their surroundings.

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