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It’s easier to feel than to understand the boho aesthetic. So, what is BOHO? It is the complete opposite of minimalism. The style emphasizes the use of a range of accessories to decorate the home. They might not be in the same manner, and they might not have any aesthetic or material worth. The most important thing is that you enjoy these items and that they have special meaning for you. Combining furniture and extras from particular designs is unordinary. To lose the style’s purity because one of its key elements is blending. Even calling boho chic a style is problematic. It’s more of a philosophy that brings together a variety of stylistic ideas.

I’m sure it helps you guys as well to know what boho is and how to implement it properly in your beautiful homes.

Let’s start with the very first question.

a). What is Boho style, or what defines Boho style?

Ans: In simple terms, the BOHO style is a blend of relaxed, bold, unconventional, and free-spirited styles. In this, we generally use natural items: lots of colors, patterns, textures, woods, and metals.

If you go deeper, you will find that it originated in the western region of the Czech Republic, Bohemia. The Bohemians are known to live an unconventional lifestyle. They love music, art, spirituality, and literature.

Now you know the reason behind using unconventional items—lots of colors, patterns, textures, etc.

b). What are the boho colors?

Ans. When it comes to Boho decor, there is no rule. However, yellow, white, green, blue, grey, red, and brown are some of the most popular boho colors.


You can use deep browns, greens, and grays for base colors and then accessorize with saturated purple, eclectic blue, and fiery orange.

c). Are Boho and Hippie the same?

Ans: Well, Boho and Hippie have certain things in common; Boho focuses more on encouraging a more romantic appearance and nomadic lifestyle.

d). What are the different types of boho decor?

Ans: Mid-century coffee tables, chaise beds, Moroccan poufs, Rattan Chairs, Candles, and lanterns, are some of the popular boho living room types.

e). Can you mix BOHO and Modern?

Ans: Combining modern and boho themes may initially appear difficult, but the key is to have fun with old finds and new furnishings. Start planning your modern boho room today and stretch your imagination to create something truly unique.

f). What are the elements of boho decor?

Ans: 12 Elements of Boho decor:

  • Plants, Greenery
  • Layer Rugs
  • Macrame Wall Hangings
  • Ambient Light
  • Throw Pillows and blankets (colorful or plain matching your style)
  • Warm, Cool, Earthy Tones Color Palette
  • Curtains, Ottoman, Chair Covers
  • Natural materials (Wood, Leather, Stone, Metals, etc.)
  • Handicrafts
  • Large Mirrors
  • Large Photos and Artwork
  • Jungle Theme Wallpaper

Okay, enough questions and answers, now without any delay let’s start with what you guys are waiting for.


40 Modern Boho Living Room Decor Ideas

natural materials and light colors in boho living room
Consider using natural and friendly finishing materials. Pay special attention to ethnic and vintage furnishings and décor.
A comfortable leather sofa, a couple of rattan armchairs, a tiny glass table, and an ottoman. It also has a rustic coffee table, which is common in a Boho-Chic living room.
Pillows in various colors and styles should decorate the sofa. Add a variety of textures, patterns, and color accents with decorative pillows.
Rugs, curtains, various ottomans, and chair covers, as well as other decorations. All this stuff gives this area a unique and magnificent artistic flair.


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Modern boho living room
The Boho style has a long history of being sensitive to nature. So, you can try to incorporate as many woods, stone, leather, and other natural elements as possible.
These elements in the finishing materials bring serenity to your living room. Natural, earthy, or odd color combinations are appropriate for a boho palette.
Textiles, patterns, textures, and handicrafts play a significant role. You can place the plants in a bohemian room, which goes together with the use of natural materials.
Listen again to the hippies of the world. It’s no surprise that they’re connected to this aesthetic.
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bright light and airy boho living room interior design
Boho-chic living room decoration ideas in peaceful, muted tones are perfect for you. You can add a bit of originality to your home, but don’t use too many colors.
We used a light wood floor and white walls as the foundation of Boho chic. It is simple to create a more modest interior while keeping an air of openness, airiness, and artistic anarchy.
Pick one or two primary colors and make sure that the objects you paint in them complement one another. We can add color accents with plants, couches, rugs, decorative components, and accessories.
It’s better to use natural materials for the lamps in the boho living room. Lighting fixtures like this are standard in industrial, rustic, and French country styles, among others.
Ropes and twigs, straw, rattan, and the fringe will fit into a boho chic living room design.
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natural wood sofa, boho living room plants
Image Courtesy Justina Blakeney
As you may know, modern color schemes emphasize warm, neutral, and earthy hues. Some of the most well-liked boho hues are green, purple, blue, and red.
They work, particularly well as accent colors in contemporary boho living spaces. It gives more bold and liveliness from your couches to the decorative pieces.
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wall decor, colorful throw pillows on sofa
Image Courtesy Schuyler Samperton
Experiment a bit with tones on the opposing sides of the color wheel. Make sure to create a balanced contrast, when adding colors to your boho palette.
Light green and purple, blue and orange, or yellow and violet are a few examples.
As you can see here, using different colors with a white background will still help you feel calm.
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boho living room rug with throw pillows and blanket.
Image Courtesy House Of Chais
You don’t have to give up on your modern bohemian ideal if a clash of hues doesn’t speak to you!
Instead, stick to a straightforward and harmonious color scheme, like this boho-chic living room’s white primary color, versatile pink secondary color, and green accent color.
The boho living room rug along with the throw pillow and blanket on the sofa complement this space.
The correct furniture pieces, decorative accessories, and textures will still express your modern boho influence.
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large window living room with brown sofa
Image Courtesy Justina Blakeney
If you want to bring a more contemporary look to your boho interior. Then you must go for geometric designs, lines, and warm or neutral hues.
Create some vivid contrast and play with foreign patterns. Also, choose recognizable textures to achieve a boho look.
Consider striking a clever balance between the texture and design. Here we have a vibrant boho rug with bold texture and contemporary designs and colors.
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wooden table, neutral-colored sofa, ethnic print rug
While modern furniture is a good foundation for your living room design, boho accent items are what will really make the space come to life.
For instance, to connect your seating space together, add some electrifying cushions to your modern, neutral-colored sofa, interesting art over your wooden end table, or a sizable rug with an ethnic or vivid print.
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Floor to ceiling window, white sofa and accent chair
Image Courtesy Ella Scott
If a trend doesn’t fit with your sense of décor, don’t feel pressured to adopt it just because it’s fashionable with one interior design style.
In fact, by adding a minimalist twist to your modern boho living room, you may be able to preserve a more laid-back and uncluttered atmosphere while putting a smaller number of meaningful pieces right at the center of attention.
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living room with peacock table and unusual pattern accent wall.
Image Courtesy Wander Design
Don’t let anything stop you from emphasizing your most original boho inspiration when adding new furniture pieces or decorative and accent items.
For instance, don’t those contemporary seats and this peacock-shaped table look amazing together?
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Papasan chairs, princess chair and grey sofa with two pentagonal counter top center table

Image Courtesy Maureen Stevens Design

There are numerous seating options to think about when it comes to the “boho” side of things.
Anything quirky, exotic, and with a distinctive atmosphere will undoubtedly work wonderfully.
Still, some models, such as Papasan chairs, princess chairs, and hanging designs, are particularly well-liked by this look.
You can easily add some bohemian vibes to your seating area by adding one—or more—Of these chairs.
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large photo and artwork om the wall with two green accent chair in the living room
Large photos and artwork can help you enhance your boho interior design because creativity is a key component of these spaces.
Instead of using mass-produced items, highlight your preferred original designs by making one of them the major focal point of the room.
Additionally, you could benefit from some well-placed accent lighting.
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pattern wallpaper on the accent wall of living room with crystal chandelier

Image Courtesy Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

The majority of contemporary boho living rooms frequently feature white walls, which make a range of decorative accents stand out.
However, why not try wallpaper if you like patterns?
In contrast to more exotic patterns (like this rich example), which accentuate the boho side of things, sticking to geometric shapes or lines will honor the retro feelings of modern interiors.
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round shaped mirror on the back wall with lots of plants

Image Courtesy Jade and Brittany Robertson

I often fill modern bohemian living rooms with white. There is a reason for this: it keeps the space feeling open and calm while letting the other eclectic pieces and patterns stand out.
In addition to white walls, you might think about matching furniture pieces, which you can then adorn with throws and cushions in accent colors.
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Jungle print wallpaper with wooden handmade chandelier

Image Courtesy Cuckooland

As we’ve already seen, plants are a massive part of this look, but they’re not the only thing you can employ to make your space feel like an urban jungle.
You might, for instance, add some leafy paintings or even try out a dramatic wallpaper design or an atmospheric background like in this lovely living room.
Rattan furniture, bamboo accents, and other natural materials will all help to give your home an urban jungle feel.
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boho farmhouse style living room with vintage rug

Image Credit Jessica Sara Morris 

It is difficult to choose just one appearance for this living room because it has gone through so many changes.
But if forced to choose, we’d go with its boho farmhouse style. Not simply because of the vintage-inspired rug, though that does play a role.
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tile fireplace living room with unusual furnishings

Image Credit Brighten Made

This living room’s unusual furnishings were carefully chosen to make it a cheery and cheerful space.
A little unexpectedly, the tile fireplace adds some variety and uplifts the atmosphere of the space.
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wooden lantern with shining star chandelier in boho living room

Image Credit Decor Warrior

This setting is the coziest of them all. All we can think about is decorating a Christmas tree and taking pleasure in it all winter long.
On a fairly neutral background, the deep brown blanket stands out beautifully. We need to locate some shining star lanterns.
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boho living room with neutral color scheme, rattan coffee table, accent cushion and layered rug
Image Credit Spacejoy
It featured a natural color scheme and tons of texture in this bohemian living area. The plants help bring the outside in, while the rattan coffee table gives the room a seaside atmosphere.
There is a ton of extra seating and soft accent cushions in this spacious living area. The layered rugs enhance the boho living room aesthetic.

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southwest theme rug, cactus painting and leather couch with lots of plants
Image Credit New Darlings
The modern boho aesthetic of this apartment has been mastered without being garish. A rug with a Southwest theme, cactus paintings, a leather couch, just the right amount of greenery, and a serene color scheme.
All winter long, when relaxing in this living area, we’ll be thinking of the warmth.

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layered rug, a plant shelf, rattan pendent lamp with lovely ceiling fan
Image Credit Dashing Darling
This room’s open layout does a terrific job of fusing boho design with a contemporary setting.
The ideal cozy bohemian environment has layered rugs; warm, textured blankets; a plant shelf; lots of linens; and even a rattan pendant lamp.

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chaise sofa, throw pillows and textured wall hangings
A timeless setting like this brings boho style back to its simple, carefree beginnings. The chaise sofa is stuffed to the brim with pillows, adding to the relaxing atmosphere created by the dim lighting and rich color scheme.

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pink and ice blue color scheme, vintage rug and wall hanging

Image Credit Mamma Mode

While classic boho has a lot of muted colors, the current boho design places a lot of emphasis on neutrals.
With a vintage rug, a couch with a warm color scheme, and a stunning roving wall hanging, this room brings together tones of pink and ice blue.
However, it’s alright if you didn’t see past the hanging chair.
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beam ceiling and area rug
Image Source Pinterest

The previous aesthetic is comparable to that of this boho living room.

To add color and create a cozy atmosphere in your space, use some throw pillows and area rugs.
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snug blanket, plush pillows, knit throws, grey sofa in boho living room

Image Credit Meagan Forbes/ Malfatti Interiors

Accents that Malfatti always includes as a bohemian living room idea are snug blankets and decorated yet comfortable pillows.
“Everything must be pretty, but functional at the same time,” she explains. “I will never use decorative that I can’t I also use when lounging or napping.”
Take style notes from this interior, which boasts plenty of plush pillows and knit throws.
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living room with large book shelves

Image Source Pinterest

Picture how tranquil sitting in this living room must feel.
If you want to save room and achieve this effect, add some tall shelves to hold your favorite books. Do not forget the plants either!
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colorful plush pillows on sofa with black & white stripe rug

Image Source Pinterest

With this bohemian living room concept, add some color!
Throwing in some adorable throw cushions and a cozy blanket for movie nights is the perfect way to liven up your basic couch (and the living room as a whole)!
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Image Source Pinterest

There are numerous plants and a lovely tapestry in this inviting bohemian living area.
All you need to recreate this look is some basic furniture, a few rugs, and a tapestry to complete the design.
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hexagonal floating shelve with dark blue sofa

Image Source Pinterest

Beautiful hexagonal shelves, ideal for your tiny plants and saving your floor space, can be found in this bohemian living room.
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brown comfortable sofa, coffee table and white sheer curtain covering the window
Image Source Pinterest
Do you enjoy simplicity? Your match is here!
Just add a cheerful, comfortable couch, a stunning coffee table, and a matching rug.

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contemporary boho living room

Image Source Pinterest

You like the boho style, but you’d rather look more contemporary. You should use this.
The table and shelf are two examples of contemporary furniture and accents in this lovely bohemian living room.
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indoor-friendly fiddle leaf fig tree in living room

Image Credit Meagan Forbes/ Malfatti Interiors

Plants, according to Malfatti, “add life to any space and should definitely be part of a bohemian living room.”
To add authentic Bohemian style to a space, the design expert suggests actual plants over fake flora.
Take a cue from this room’s designer, who added an indoor-friendly fiddle leaf fig tree in a spot that would otherwise be dull.
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neutral boho living room

Image Source Pinterest

Do you favor a cleaner appearance? You might choose this one.
If you decide to, you can always buy adorable throw pillows later to add some color.
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relaxing living room

Image Source Pinterest

This living area is ideal for a relaxing evening at home.
some throw pillows and blankets to your couch to recreate this look and make it cozier.
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shiplap wall living room

Image Source Pinterest

For a cozy night at home, this living room is ideal.
To get this look, make your couch more comfortable by adding some throw pillows and blankets.
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simple living room

Image Source Pinterest

This elegant yet simplistic living room idea completely changes this compact area.
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Image Credit Soho Sonnet

Add leather and fur throw pillows to your living room furniture to spruce up any couch. Your living room’s texture combination can make the space room more interesting and lighten it.
To create a more retro bohemian space, Miss Lifestyler combines leather and throw pillows with a stunning, vivid blue velvet couch.
She also used hexagonal shelves along with succulents and pots to create a stunning wall.
I really appreciate the gold elements she adds, like the gold standing lamp and the gold glass coffee table.
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bookcase with plants

Image Credit Thistle. harvest

One of the essential elements of any Scandinavian home is a neutral color scheme. Hannah’s living room is painted in a palette of earthy tones and dark green.
The area has an upscale appearance because of the foreign layering, and the pink undertones give it a delicate, soft feminine air.
If you’re curious about how Hannah’s bookcase looks so perfect. Look more closely.
You’ll see that the book cover is color-coordinated with the decor, using tones of green, beige, white, and gray.
To make their creamy hue blend in well with the rest, some of the books are even arranged so that the pages face out.

Take off the jacket from books you purchase because the cover is generally nicer. Buy used novels at a thrift store for more personality.

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beautiful candle holders, black photo frames and barren shelves

Image Credit Soho Sonnet

Investment pieces are timeless, especially when they have such a sophisticated appearance. Trends come and go.
Simple accents, like beautiful candle holders and sleek black photo frames, may instantly bring life to barren shelves.
Jax and Company’s shelf-ie game is excellent. Her sleek white industrial shelves truly came to life when she paired her black photo frames and other items with them.
We also adore her stylish plant stand and gold candle holders!
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wicker chairs, rope planter basket, wooden coffee table, vibrant color rug

Image Credit Soho Sonnet

Mixing natural features like wicker chairs, rope planter baskets, and wood coffee tables with strong, vibrant colors like rugs or throw pillows is a terrific way to give your living area a bohemian feel.
Several essential décor items, like a Boho rug, an Egg Wicker chair, a modern ergonomic standing desk, a low wood coffee table, a rope planter, and more, can be found at Jojotastic.
We adore the way she can combine neutral hues with vivid hues.
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