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Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Multi Functional kitchen Peninsula

1. Go For Multi-Functional Countertop

white kitchen with ceiling window

2. Let Sunlight Pour In

kitchen renovation ideas with glossy green cabinet

3. Use Glossy Cabinetry

White kitchen renovation ideas

4. Try All White

kitchen renovation ideas with black tile kitchen island

5. Cover The Kitchen Island With Tiles

yellow check-board kitchen floor

6. Have Fun With Floor

kitchen with open shelves, plate stacking, area rug and patterned tile backsplash

7. Make It Big With Open Shelves

kitchen with glass door

8. Add A Glass Door

glass backsplash in the kitchen

9. Use Glass Backsplashes

kitchen with mirror cabinets

10. Use A Mirror Cabinet

kitchen backsplash with 3d pattern tile

11. Make A 3D Backsplash Pattern

kitchen with a indoor plants

12. Keep Plants In Your Kitchen

kitchen with powder blue accent wall

13. Add Accent Wall

kitchen with little tile backsplash and floating shelves

14. Use A Statement Backsplash

kitchen with blue cabinet and black fixtures

15. Use Color Pops

kitchen with hanger on the shelves door

16. Be Creative With Shelves

Matte black kitchen paint colors

17. Make It Moody With Sexy Black

kitchen with navy blue cabinet and large windows

18. Welcome The Natural Light

kitchen with marble countertop

19. Make Marble The Star Of The Show

kitchen with brick wall

20. Bring The Rustic Charm

Kitchen with light pink color and round coffee table

21. Encourage Conversation With Coffee Table

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