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The perfect living room wallpaper ideas can completely transform your area in a short amount of time, with little effort, and for a reasonable price.

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Plus, if you want to do it yourself, you can transform your lounge on a weekend.

Wallpapering your lounge space is a great way to add personality to your interior design scheme, whether you want to cover all four walls or focus on one corner or a specific area.

39 Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

The best living room wallpaper ideas will open up your space and boost your surroundings for luxurious living. This is how to achieve the desired look.

yellow living room wall with grey sofa

1. Add A Sense Of Retro Fun

Mid-century colors and patterns will bring a sense of retro fun to your living room scheme.

When it comes to 1950s prints, the bolder the better, so take a chance and create a bold feature wall in a daring color or design.

A streamlined period-style sofa in a complementary color will help to balance out your wallpaper.

wood effect wallpaper grey sofa living room

2. Add A Rustic Element With Fake Wood Effect

To create a wood effect on walls, use a creative wallpaper design.

The wallpaper in this tonal living room imitates the look of wood cladding, giving the space a rustic feel.

The soft furnishings pick up on the design’s tones, making the scheme feel harmonious and effortlessly chic.

royal blue and lime color wallpaper

3. Create A Gentle Backdrop Using Royal Blue & Lime

The adage goes, “Blue and green should never be seen,” but we don’t agree!

Mix any blue with any green (plus their sophisticated love child, teal) and you’ve got an effortlessly harmonious blend that’s vibrant while also being calm and soothing.

This Arts and Crafts style wallpaper’s blues and greens create a soft backdrop for brighter hues like royal blue and lime, which is ideal if you prefer a more energetic color scheme.

mid tone green wallpaper and grey sofa

4. Add A Real Wow Factor With Mid-Tone Green And Neutral Background Wallpaper

To add a real wow factor, cover the entire living room in a coordinating pattern.

Just make sure the space is big enough to accommodate the look; too much pattern in a small space can overwhelm and make it feel claustrophobic.

Consider this excellent example, which features a soft and subtle pattern in mid-tone green on neutral ground.

The light, contrasting background adds brightness to the scheme and keeps it from feeling too dark.

matching curtain and wallpaper living room

5. Go For Matching Wallpaper And Curtains

Why not coordinate your wallpaper and curtains for a seamless look?

It’s the perfect way to continue your chosen wallpaper design over window treatments without breaking the pattern.

Many brands and designers will produce the same print on wallpaper, fabrics, and accessories, making it simple to maintain a consistent look.

If full-length curtains are too much pattern for you, opt for a couple of cushion covers in a matching print to your wallpaper, so the pattern is echoed more subtly throughout the room.

living room in grey and yellow

6. Create A Focal Point By Wallpapering Either Side Of The Fireplace

Wallpapering both sides of a fireplace helps to establish your wallpaper as the room’s focal point.

To help balance the scheme, choose a wallpaper that contrasts but accents tonally with the paint color on the chimney breast.

The washed wooden furniture and neutral linen upholstery help to ground the look.

The yellow armchair emphasizes the use of yellow as an accent color in this grey and yellow living room design.

floral wallpaper and blue sofa with fireplace living room

7. Use Floral Wallpaper To Create a Contemporary Vibe

With wallpaper that puts a new spin on a classic print, you can create a contemporary cutting-edge vibe in your living room.

This floral pattern is transformed from traditional country to contemporary cool thanks to a pixelated design.

Pick out colors and patterns from your wallpaper and repeat them in your soft furnishings and accessories for a cohesive look.

floral wallpaper accent chair in front of window

8. Bring In The Element Of Outdoor

Bring the outdoors in with a classic wallpaper that features country flora and fauna.

Gentle blooms, birds at play, and leafy greens are featured in this spring-inspired country living room idea.

Antiquities and wirework pots complete the potager look. On white backgrounds, spring greens, soft lilacs, and pretty pinks give this classic style a fresh modern twist.

classic ornamental wallpaper

9. Classic Ornamental Wallpaper

A large ornamental pattern with a metallic sheen is overlaid on a subtly textured background in this ornate wallpaper.

This classic design is ideal for use as a luxurious living room wallpaper.

botanical wallpaper fireplace and sage sofa

10. Complement Your Living Room With Botanical Wallpaper

If you want your living room to have a strong theme or trend, choose the wallpaper that will complement and emphasize that theme.

A wallpaper with a botanical pattern will instantly transport you to the great outdoors.

Natural wood furniture, soft pebble tones, and rustic woodland accessories will help you carry the theme through the rest of your scheme.

grey wallpaper with sage sofa in living room

11. Bring Warmth Using Grey Shade Wallpaper

If you want to add interest to your walls but don’t want a full-on pattern, look for an alternative design that looks like a distressed surface.

By doing so, you can add character and interest to your walls without overpowering the scheme with too much pattern.

This ‘Fragments’ surface wallpaper design’s grey shades provide a subtle warmth and shimmering effect, giving walls a soft yet intriguing finish.

framed wallpaper with sage sofa

12. Make A Statement With Framed Wallpaper

By framing a wallpaper, you may make a statement with it. This clever idea allows you to use wallpaper more creatively in your living room.

It’s fantastic not only for adding a distinctive touch to the design but also for saving money. For a smaller stretch of wall, only one roll will be needed.

grey wall living room with metallic wallpaper

13. Add Tone To Your Wall

To create a coherent look, use a tonal wallpaper design on painted walls. Even busy designs are kept from overpowering the room by using a coordinated color scheme.

living room wallpaper floral tropical and cane chair

14. Transform A Plain White Living Room Into A Tropical Paradise

With wallpaper bursting with exotic flora, you may turn a plain white room into a tropical paradise.

With cane furniture, plantation shutters, and a cocktail trolley for that early evening gin and tonics, your concept will have a colonial jungle atmosphere.

Despite the boldness of the pattern, choose a wallpaper with a white backdrop to keep your scheme light and airy.

living room wallpaper ideas blue

15. Cover Your Wall In Graphite-Hue Forestry

Cover your wall in graphite-hued woods to embrace the great outdoors.

In a relaxing mixture of blues and greys, this pictorial mural displays towering trees and cloud-lined skies.

A quiet reading space is created by placing a powder-soft velvet couch in front of a beautiful etched backdrop.

For a unified look, the dark tones of the upholstery coverings and carpeting complement the primary wallpaper.

lola design ladybird stone wallpaper walnut sideboard

16. Add A Touch Of Flora

A floral wallpaper will bring a contemporary rural living room to life.

To make a genuine feature of the space, pair a huge botanical poster with simple painted walls for the rest of the room.

The wallpaper was employed simply to create a dramatic focal wall behind a sleek walnut sideboard in this room.

Keep your soft furnishings simple and uncomplicated, allowing the wallpaper to take center stage.

pinstripe living room wallpaper

17. Create A Tailored Designed Living Room With Pinstripes

Pinstripes look just as good on your walls as they do on suits, giving your living space a tailored, designer appeal.

Soft greys are used to keep the scheme from feeling too masculine, while gold accents in accessories and soft furnishings offer a luxurious touch.

Keep window treatments basic, allowing the walls to take center stage.

sage sofa and yellow pattern wallpaper living room

18. Choose The Dominant Wall To Make It Feature Wall

Choose the room’s most prominent wall to serve as a highlight wall for your chosen wallpaper design.

This will most likely be the wall with the fireplace, or if you don’t have any architectural focal points, the wall with the TV — the wall that all the furniture is pointing towards.

Using a feature wall to anchor the rest of the design helps to draw attention to the wallpaper.

living room alcove and white wall

19. Add Styles By Wallpapering The Alcoves

Feature walls aren’t as popular as they once were, but they’re making a comeback in new, more sophisticated shapes.

Instead of wallpapering the fireplace or the main wall, accentuate unique architectural features such as alcoves by wallpapering them.

Although the floral print in this living room threatens to overpower the area, a hint of pattern in the alcoves gives the appropriate feature while also tying the color palette together.

monochrome mural in living room

20. Bring Minimalism With Monochrome Mural

Choose a mural for a truly simple, minimalistic aesthetic.

These are less cluttered than wallpaper because there is no recurring pattern, but they still give pattern and interest to the room.

The stunning monochrome pattern in this neutral living room provides texture to the extremely modern space and is a tasteful tribute to the room’s architectural elements.

living room sofa and wallpaper

21. Create Wood Wonderland

Using wallpaper with tree silhouettes, you may transform your room into a woodland wonderland.

It’s textured paper with an all-over glitter finish that will bring a touch of luxury to your home.

Vinyl wallpaper is not only durable and long-lasting, making it excellent for high-traffic areas such as hallways, but it also covers minor flaws.

So, from the living room and dining room to the bedroom and bathroom, this wallpaper combines functionality and elegance.

classic wallpaper

22. Choose Traditional Living Room Wallpaper And Modern Space

Although classic patterned wallpapers are best suited to period properties like this one.

The color schemes available mean they can also function in more modern settings – so don’t dismiss them!

In this high-ceilinged living area, this magnificent Crowe Hall Lane design in gilded looks fantastic.

The wallpaper’s white/creamy background will keep your home feeling light and airy.

To create a stunning cohesive aesthetic, the accessories were picked to perfectly match the colors from the wallpaper.

cloud print wallpaper

23. High In The Sky

Choose a cloud print wallpaper to create an instantly relaxing scheme with a slightly fun and whimsical vibe.

The nearly watercolor style lends such a softness to the room and looks fantastic in a room with high ceilings.

Warmer colors, such as golds and yellows, will stand out against the blue.

dark green wallpaper

24. Elevate Your Design With a Dark Shade Of Green

The painted decorative wall trim in the living room helps the wallpaper stand out even more.

In this comfortable setting, the darker shade of green further raises the style and level of elegance.

green leaves living room wallpaper

25. Show Your Love For Nature

A touch of nature in your living room wallpaper is a lovely way to show your enthusiasm for all things natural.

Green foliage prints on wallpaper offer your home’s interiors a light and airy feel.

jungle print wallpaper

26. Go For Jungle Print Wallpaper

Jungle pattern wallpaper for a living room has been popular for a long time, and our fascination with palm leaves and banana plants shows no signs of abating.

Cole & Son’s Palm Jungle is a sleek, grown-up take on the design, and there are so many colorways to select from that you’re sure to find something to fit your room.

Take note of how lovely the burnt orange appears with the blue – it’s a color combination we’ll try. What about creating the illusion of a taller ceiling?

Any wallpaper with a vertical stripe (such as this one, even if it’s concealed among the leaves) will make a room appear taller.

living room blue wallpaper

27. Mix The Styles

How lovely is this hand-painted mural? It’s understated but striking at the same time, and it complements the varied mix of styles in this living area nicely.

It complements the room’s luxurious vibe, towering ceilings, and gold accents, but it also complements the cosmopolitan elements, providing layers and intrigue to the space.

living room fireplace

28. Blend The Two Wallpaper

Don’t know which of the two living room wallpaper ideas to choose? Choose one or the other.

If you have alcoves, choose one design for the alcoves and another style for the chimney breast.

We recommend choosing one design that will stick out as being bolder so that the two patterns don’t compete for attention.

living room shelve and wallpaper

29. Wallpaper Behind The Shelves

Wallpaper the space behind the shelving to make it stand out.

It’s a terrific way to add some color and design without making it the room’s focal point, and it also brightens up a drab built-in.

We’re also digging the dark, dramatic colors in this dark living room, and we’re thinking we might have to reconsider our love/hate relationship with animal print.

living room wall color

30. Don’t Be Afraid To Try Out Bolder Print Wallpaper

And just because you choose dark wallpaper doesn’t mean your room’s overall theme needs to be gothic.

Darker colors can sometimes provide just the right amount of depth to an otherwise neutral living space, so don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder prints.

See how dark grey walls and a dark grey wallpaper combine with white tiles, pale flooring, and plenty of natural light in this living room to create a neutral impression despite the darker tones.

mountains and beaches

31. Bring Mountains And Beaches To Your Living Room

Landscape wallpapers are really popular right now. The goal of today’s homeowners is to instill a sense of adventure into their houses.

Mountains, beaches, and forests can be printed or painted on wallpaper to create beautiful scenery for your living room.

pink and black flower print wallpaper

32. Make A Style Statement With A Pink And Black Floral Design

This living room wallpaper pattern is quintessential retro, in our opinion. This space is given a bohemian feel with large floral designs in pink and black.

This wallpaper pattern is a certain method to make a style statement right away.

pink and black wallpaper

33. Bring Some Drama With Pink And Black

When it comes to high ceilings, if you have them, you can go all out with your living room wallpaper.

Choose something striking, like this lovely pink and black combo, and either embrace the maximalism trend by adding even more pattern and odd furniture or keep the rest of the area basic to let the wallpaper shine.

reflective wallpaper

34. Use Reflective Wallpaper

Reflective wallpaper may make a tiny or dark living room feel bigger and brighter by reflecting more light about the space.

They’re also an excellent choice for mixing into a very dark color palette, such as the one in this living room, to give all those rich, deep tones a lift and keep the space from seeming oppressive.

brown sofa copper tone metallic wallpaper

35. Create A Feature Wall Of Copper Tone With Metallic Feature

Create a feature wall with hints of copper, like this one. It’s an excellent illustration of how wallpaper can complement rather than overpower an area.

With a mix of simple and colorful cushions to offer variety and depth to the area, the velvet sofa is ideally matched and draws the scheme together.

geometric print wallpaper

36. Handmade Geometric Design Wallpaper

MADDER is an authentic Gujarat-style design created with woodblock printing natural dyes, inspired by the beauty of ancient Ajraks.

Repeated handmade geometric designs are blended with components that represent nature, such as stars and flowers, in this antique design.

We think the grey (above) is excellent for a living area. Available in two color versions: grey and the original red.

We’re guessing it’s a flamboyant Scandinavian design. In any case, it’s fantastic.

living room sofa blue

37. Monochrome Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Choose a monochrome wallpaper with an all-over stripe if you’re feeling bold and want to go for statement living room wallpaper ideas.

This design is completely eye-catching and will undoubtedly make guests say “wow” as soon as they walk in.

To balance the aesthetic, add splashes of color, such as this electric blue sofa and pink ceiling.

neutral wall wallpaper

38. Delightful Living Room Wallpaper Design

This charming living room wallpaper design was initially made by hand-printing using a lino block and has blackbirds, leaves, and branches in pretty soft pinks and sage greens.

It’s a digitally printed ‘paste the wall’ wallpaper that comes in five other colors.

For a new aesthetic, pair it with candy-colored accessories and furnishings, as well as traces of white.

white sofa

39. Create A Strong Focal Point

You don’t have to paper the entire room to make a statement; if you don’t, you’ll create a stronger focal point!

The stand-alone decorative feature of this gorgeous print makes it feel like a piece of art rather than wallpaper in this all-white space.

To add more color to the motif, pull out important hues like sunset orange, sky blue, and citrus and hunt for vases, cushions, and rugs in similar tones.


1. Which Wallpaper Is Best For Living Room?

The ideal wallpaper for your living room reflects your particular style while still being quite functional. Choose one that’s easy to clean and maintain while also reflecting your preferred design aesthetic, whether it’s floral, vintage, contemporary, ombre, botanical, or tropical.

‘There is no rule of thumb, but because the living room is likely to be one of the most used in your home, choose something easyto live with that you love,’ says Patrick O’Donnell, Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassador.

2. Which Wallpaper Make Your Room Look Bigger?

“By combining natural lighting with reflecting wallpaper design, you can easily and stylishly brighten a tiny space.” Natural lighting is one of the essential components of interior design, mainly because it interacts with a space in a way that can make a room feel bigger and brighter in an openly dynamic sense when it comes to wallpaper.

Go for embossed foil wallpaper, which creates a sense of warmth without detracting from the room’s lightness. You can also choose a light metallic wallpaper to create a sophisticated look in your living space.

3. Which Color Is Best For The Living Room?

The greatest colors for the living room are neutral hues since they go well with any color you choose. For instance, if the walls and furnishings in your living room are red, pick wallpaper in a neutral hue like white, black, or beige.

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