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Do you know what makes the most wonderful time of year even more wonderful? Decorate your home with mood-setting Christmas decorations. 

Take a cue from these inventive and festive decorating ideas for large and tiny rooms to bring every inch of your home into the Christmas spirit. 

We bet you’ll find something you want to duplicate on this list, whether you favor traditional decor or something a little more out there—there are 40 Christmas decoration ideas, after all.

1. Bring Life By Hanging Stockings



Hang stockings that match the rest of your decor on your mantel—fine it’s if they’re not a set; in fact, patterns in complementing colors are even more fun. 

You can buy personalized stockings or construct your own without using a sewing machine. 

You’ll have a whole new appearance in no time if you have some fabric, scissors, and your trusty glue gun.

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2. Don’t Limit Ornaments To Christmas Tree Only

Christmas Ornaments


Ornaments Are Typically Reserved For The Christmas Tree, But Have You Ever Considered Using Them In Unconventional Ways? 

Make A Hanging Centerpiece For Your Table, Or Fill A Glass Vase With Bright Globe Decorations To Hang In Your Windows.

3. Light Up The Kitchen

Christmas Kitchen Decor


We’ve all been to parties when everyone ends up in the kitchen at some point. It’s the heart of the action, so make it as festive as your living room with the food, the warmth, and the fragrances. 

To give the space an extra warm glow, string lights around your cabinets, light fixtures, or the top of your refrigerator. (To avoid any accidents, make sure you can still open and close any cabinets and doors.)

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4. Add A Red Pop

Christmas Flower


Although red is a classic holiday hue, there’s no reason you can’t experiment with it in new and creative ways. 

To make a centerpiece out of a vase of flowers surrounded by red globe ornaments and candles, swap out poinsettias for red amaryllis (pictured).

5. Bring Drama To Your Table With Candles

Dining Table Candles


If the setting is exactly right, dinner can become a spectacular event. 

Add some elegance to your table with some varying height tapers; they’ll pull the eye in and set the tone. 

Always remember that there is a proper and improper manner to burn candles.

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6. Merry Blue Christmas

Merry Christmas


Replace the usual red and green with a stylish blue and bright palette? A fresh tree skirt, ornaments, or a table runner that sparkles and shines like the sea will add some cool tones to your design.

7. Stay Cozy

Christmas Living Room


More is more at Christmas, so don’t stop decorating your tree. Warmth and coziness pervade your living room thanks to a star twig wreath, garland-covered floating shelves, and a gingerbread house on the coffee table.

9. Use Your Old Wine Bottle

Christmas Decoration


Instead of tossing out that empty bottle of Merlot, turn it into a dazzling window display with some twinkly fairy lights. 

Fill bottles from the inside after rinsing them out, or wrap lights around the outside of a few bottles to make a spectacular yet economical display.

10. Go For Bottle Brush Tree


Brushes for bottles of Christmas trees became popular in the early twentieth century, and their popularity is increasing once more. 

For a cheerful holiday, add a collection of bottle brush trees of various heights and widths to your mantel or tablecloth.

11. Make an Impact With The Branch

Christmas decor


With a few simple decorations, such as big glass ornaments, a string of lights, or even tinsel, a swag of pine or a robust tree branch can become a stunning hanging centerpiece above your table.

12. Design A Wreath Wall

christmas wreath


If you have a blank wall, opt for a maximalist aesthetic by layering numerous wreaths of various sizes to cover it. 

To bring the overall look together, use ribbons and baubles to connect them all.

13. Bring Minimalist Vibe

christmas picture


If you don’t want to go all out for the holidays, a few strands of twinkle lights and giant lanterns filled with pillar candles will warm up even the most refined of settings.

14. How About Pink

Christmas Tree Decoration


In a season of red and green, a pink tree might feel like a breath of candy-scented fresh air. 

To embrace the style, adorn it with glistening jewels in champagne and blush tones.

15. Spread Christmas Sparkle

christmas decoration

Via Design Cafe

You can simply incorporate Christmas joy into any nook or cranny of your home, aside from obvious spaces. 

Don’t forget to string an eclectic Christmas garland and fairy lights around the railing if you have a staircase running down the center of your property. 

For a more festive effect, decorative stockings can be hung on the stairwell.

17. Deck Up Front Door

christmas image

Via Design Cafe

A traditional Christmas wreath on your front door and matching wide ribbons on your potted plants are both welcoming.

These minor changes and additions to the mundane can spruce up your home and assist you in creating the ideal setting for a cozy Christmas.

After all, this holiday is all about family, and you deserve to have the perfect atmosphere in your home to enhance the festive vibes.

So, as December draws to a close, wrap up this Christmas in a neat little bow. Prepare to welcome love, joy, and peace into your home this holiday season, as well as possibly Santa Claus!

18. Brighten Up The Bedroom With Xmas Cheer

Christmas Bedroom

Via Design Cafe

In the current weather, it’s difficult to get out of bed, but the perfect Christmas decorations in your bedroom will put a grin on your drowsy face.

A couple of matching throw cushions can be added to a brightly colored contrasting blanket scattered over the bed.

Red and gold candles strategically placed on bedside tables or window sills might help to break up the dreariness of winter.

Even a strand of fairy lights draped over the headboard or the dresser can instantly transform the space into a Christmas wonderland.

19. The Heart Of Home

christmas decoration for kitchen

Via Design Cafe

Although your guests are unlikely to enter your hallowed domain – the kitchen – you’ll want to be inspired when preparing a delectable Christmas dinner or even a hot cup of cheer (aka cocoa!). 

Fresh evergreen sprigs or garlands are easy to put in kitchen cupboards and provide a pleasant scent. 

Checks, polka dots, and chevrons can be used to tie around pots and vases for the holidays. 

Drab spaces can be instantly brightened with brightly colored candles. Simply replace normal plates with solid red ones to round off your Christmas kitchen decor.

20. Bring Christmas Charm To Your Dining Room

dining room decoration

Via Design Cafe

The dining table will be the center of attention for your Christmas lunch, and it requires the same level of care. 

Natural pinecones and light-colored and rustic wooden serving dishes look stunning with elegant metallics in snowflake silver or starry gold. 

A simple candle holder made from a cluster of little twigs or cinnamon sticks can be used as a Christmas centerpiece. 

That’s it! You’ve prepared the ideal table for a festive feast. If you’ve avoided using bright colors on the table, make a statement with vivid evergreen wreaths hung from light fixtures, windows, and door frames.

21. Use Special Wrapping

Christmas tree

Via House Beautiful

Make sure your present wrapping matches your living room’s color design. For a unified look, use the same techniques for your ornaments.

22. Play With Bells

Christmas bell

Via House Beautiful

It can be tough to decorate banisters. With a fishing line, connect red and white paper bells for a light, airy, and joyous look.

23. Try Blue & White

White christmas

Via House Beautiful 

Are you a firm believer in sticking to your favored color scheme? This space proves that you don’t have to give it up for the holidays.

24. Add A Surprising Color

Christmas wreath

Via House Beautiful 

Choose an accent color that will modernize your traditional Christmas decorations without clashing with them. 

The splashes of sky blue in this living room decorated for the holidays by Matthew Bees are stunning.

25. Use Sweets To Decorate Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Via House Beautiful

This evergreen is completely decorated with culinary decorations such as cookies, ribbon candy, gumdrops, popcorn, and cranberry garlands.

26. Deck Out Your Kitchen

Christmas Kitchen Decor

Via House Beautiful

These gorgeous little wreaths have us swooning. Add a pink bow for a fun and unexpected touch.

27. Put Mugs On The Showcase


Via House Beautiful

If you have a collection of Christmas mugs, make sure they’re on display during the holidays.

28. Use The Ladder

Christmas decoration Ideas

Via House Beautiful

Hang a DIY Advent calendar on a ladder or the tree instead of opening a flimsy cardboard box. 

Treats, gifts, and letters from Santa are hidden inside decorated muslin craft bags, which you may reuse next year.

29. Don’t Forget The Nursery

Christmas Kids Bedroom

Via House Beautiful 

Is this your child’s first Christmas? With a metallic Christmas garland, they can decorate their space without deviating from the current color scheme. 

One was hanging directly above the crib by Emily Henderson.

30. Don’t Leave The Bar Behind

Christmas bar design

Via House Beautiful

Don’t forget the prep bar if you’re entertaining this holiday season. 

Aside from providing the basic beverage components, Emily Henderson’s decorating here includes some greenery and a festive candlestick holder.

31. Keep It Natural

Christmas living room design

Via House Beautiful

To make a statement, you don’t have to be bold. This classic dining room is unbelievably beautiful, complete with a simple garland on the mantel.

32. Decor With Candle

Christmas Tree Decoration

Via House Beautiful

Candles have an old-fashioned Christmas charm, but use candle lights instead of real candles to avoid a significant fire threat.

33. Get Lit

Christmas Decor

Via House Beautiful

Dress up a mantel with a combination of candlesticks — tall, tiny, mercury glass, crystal — instead of a garland. Instead of ivory candles, use crimson, cranberry, and green-hued candles.

34. Pseudo Fireplace

Christmas Fireplace

Via House Beautiful

Instead of candles, string lights should be used to fill your lanterns. Making a non-working fireplace feel comfortable is a fantastic idea. 

This scene can be set in less than five minutes.

35. Shrink The Tree

Christmas tree decor

Via House Beautiful

Draw a mock fireplace on canvas with chalk, hang it on the wall, decorate it with stockings, and then surround it with floor cushions and blankets. 

Then, to create a pleasant hideaway put a miniature tree in a small planter. If you live in a small apartment yet want to go all out with your Christmas decorations, this will be a lifesaver.

36. Make A Garland Out Of Pine

Christmas wreath design

Via House Beautiful

To make this simple holiday arrangement, all you need is wire, flowery thread, and pine.

37. Bring Out Your Artist

Christmas Wreath Decor

Via House Beautiful

If you have a chalkboard wall (which I envy), you must draw a Christmas tree on it.

38. Incorporate Yellow

christmas dining

Via House Beautiful

While it’s bitterly cold outside, are you daydreaming about summer? Yellow accents and fresh citrus will bring all the sunshine to your table.

39. Try On Some Tassels

Christmas Tessels
Via House Beautiful

Tassels in red and green can be hung on doors, desks, and the chests of drawers. They’re a budget-friendly final touch.

40. Wrap Up Your Tree

Christmas Trees

Via House Beautiful

If you’re hesitant to replace your conventional lights and ornaments, try a tiny second tree with this gorgeous floral wrap.

Simply chop down silk flower stems and insert them into the vase—the more the merrier.

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