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Do you dream of a spacious, organized bathroom, but your reality is a charmingly compact one? Don’t let limited counter space cramp your style! This guide is packed with 35 clever ideas to increase counter space in your small bathroom, transforming it into a functional and stylish haven.

From utilizing vertical space with floating shelves and tiered caddies to repurposing furniture and embracing smart storage solutions, we’ll explore a variety of options to suit your budget and DIY skills. We’ll even delve into space-saving design tricks like light paint colors and mirrored walls, creating the illusion of more square footage.

So, ditch the cramped feeling and get ready to unleash the full potential of your small bathroom. Let’s dive in and discover how to reclaim your counter space, one creative solution at a time!

How To Increase Counter Space In Small Bathroom: Utilizing Vertical Space

Maximize bathroom storage without sacrificing style! Install sleek floating shelves above the toilet, sink, or mirror to hold toiletries and decorative accents, creating a clutter-free and sophisticated space.


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Mount mirrored cabinets above your sink for hidden storage and a spacious feel. They reflect light, brightening your bathroom while keeping essentials discreetly tucked away.

Ditch the single shelf and level up with tiered caddies. These space-saving wonders maximize your shower footprint by stacking shelves and keeping shampoos, soaps, and razors organized and within easy reach.

solid wood wall mounted bathroom shelves with towel bar in small bathroom
via Wayfair

One-stop towel haven! Combine a handy towel bar with a built-in shelf, creating a convenient spot for frequently used items like washcloths or toiletries. It’s both functional and space-efficient.

Leaning storage style! Introduce a decorative ladder with shelves for a touch of charm and functionality. Display folded linens, hang towels and create a unique storage solution that maximizes space without sacrificing style.

Banish corner clutter! Swing into action with hanging baskets in unused corners. Stash washcloths, cleaning supplies, or anything else needing a home, maximizing space and keeping your bathroom tidy.

Upgrade your basic medicine cabinet to a sleek mirrored version with built-in shelves. It will reflect light and make your bathroom feel bigger, but the additional shelves provide much-needed storage without sacrificing precious counter space.

Repurpose, Upcycle & DIY In A Small Bathroom

Breathe new life into old wood, pallets, or even driftwood. Craft unique floating shelves that add rustic charm and maximize storage, all while reducing waste. Get creative and personalize with paint, stain, or natural finishes!

ladder towel rack in small bathroom
via Sssedit

Transform a decorative ladder into a stylish storage solution. Hang towels on the rungs and utilize the built-in shelves for toiletries, linens, or plants. This space-saving hero adds warmth and character while maximizing every inch of your small bathroom!

Repurpose mason jars for a vintage-chic storage solution. Organize cotton swabs, makeup brushes, or Q-tips in style. Paint, label, or decorate them for a personalized touch. Eco-friendly and adorable, these jars conquer small bathroom clutter!

Give a vintage suitcase a second life as a unique, small bathroom storage unit. Store towels, toiletries, or even magazines tucked away inside, adding a nostalgic flair while maximizing space. Bonus points for repurposing a travel-themed case!

Get crafty and eco-friendly! Transform a recycled pallet into a rustic shelf for towels or toiletries. Sand, stain, or paint for a personalized touch. Hang it proudly, showcasing your DIY skills and newfound storage space. Bonus points for using reclaimed hardware for an authentically repurposed look.

Repurpose a wine rack for rolled towels or toiletries. It offers unique storage compartments, adds a touch of rustic charm, and maximizes space without breaking the bank. Cheers to clever small bathroom solutions!

Smart Storage Solutions

Drawer dividers and organizers are your secret weapons. Maximize space by sectioning off cleaning supplies, toiletries, and more. Utilize vertical space with stackable containers, keeping everything within reach and your small bathroom clutter-free.

wall mounted soap dispensers in small bathroom
via Etsy

Declutter countertops; level up convenience! Ditch bulky bottles by mounting soap and shampoo dispensers directly on the wall. This space-saving trick frees up precious counter space, keeps things organized, and makes grabbing essentials a breeze. Plus, it promotes a sleek, minimalist aesthetic!

tiered cosmetic organizer in smal bathroom
via Zola

Say goodbye to makeup mayhem! Embrace tiered organizer trays for your cosmetics. These space-saving wonders stack vertically, keeping lipsticks, brushes, and palettes neatly displayed and easily accessible. No more digging through drawers—find what you need in a flash!

Utilize clear, stackable containers for cotton balls, bath salts, or anything needing a home. This space-saving solution maximizes vertical space, keeps items organized and visible, and lets you personalize your small bathroom with decorative containers.

Hang toiletry organizers with clear pockets on doors or walls. These space-savers keep essentials visible and accessible, eliminate counter clutter, and add a touch of style. Perfect for storing toiletries, makeup, or cleaning supplies!

Upgrade your vanity mirror to one with built-in compartments. This space-saving marvel conceals toiletries and essentials while maintaining a sleek, clutter-free look. Discover the magic of hidden storage and enjoy a more organized, stylish small bathroom!

Niche savior! Don’t let your shower niche collect dust. Install shelves or caddies to maximize storage. Shampoo, soap, razors—everything finds a comfy home, keeping your shower organized and clutter-free. Plus, it utilizes existing space without sacrificing style!

Maximize Your Space

Utilize windowsills with stylish trays. Showcase decorative accents like plants or candles or store rarely-used toiletries, maximizing space without sacrificing sunlight. This versatile solution adds a touch of personality and keeps your small bathroom clutter-free.

over the toilet storage in small bathroom
via Pottery Barn

Don’t waste the throne zone! Utilize the forgotten space above the toilet with shelves or compartments. Store towels, toiletries, or decorative items, maximizing storage without sacrificing floor space. It’s a hidden gem for conquering small bathroom clutter!

Door-Mounted Organizers in small bathroom
via Temu

Hang organizers with pockets on your small bathroom door for small items like makeup brushes. This space-saving hack utilizes often-ignored vertical space, keeps essentials easily accessible, and helps de-clutter your countertops. Perfect for brushes, toiletries, or cleaning supplies!

Give furniture a second life! Upcycle a nightstand or dresser into a charming vanity with storage. This eco-friendly approach maximizes space, adds unique character, and provides much-needed storage for your small bathroom essentials. Bonus points for painting or upcycling the piece for a personalized touch.

Wheels of convenience! Introduce a mobile storage cart for towels, toiletries, or anything needing flexibility. Roll it around for easy access, use it in tight spaces, and maximize storage without feeling fixed. Bonus points for a cart that matches your small bathroom style!

Don’t let unused corners collect dust! Install tiered shelves to maximize storage. Fold towels, stash toiletries, or display decorative items—anything finds a comfy home. These space-saving wonders utilize forgotten areas, add a touch of style, and keep your small bathroom organized and clutter-free!

Vanity With Built-In Shelves in small bathroom
via Britt

Consider upgrading your vanity to one with built-in shelves. This space-saving solution maximizes storage seamlessly, keeping toiletries tucked away and countertops clutter-free. Enjoy a sleek, organized small bathroom with everything at your fingertips. It’s a win-win for style and functionality!

Space-Saving Design Tricks

pedestal sink in small bathroom
via Kohler

Lighten up your bathroom! Swap your bulky vanity for a sleek pedestal sink. This space-saving hero frees up precious floor space, creating an airy feel and maximizing maneuverability. Perfect for small bathrooms where every inch counts!

mirrored wall in small bathroom
via Pinterest

Transform your tiny bathroom into a spacious haven with mirrored walls. Reflect light, create the illusion of depth, and instantly brighten your space. It’s a stunning design trick that maximizes perceived size without sacrificing style. Bonus points for mirrored cabinets that offer both storage and reflection!

Embrace airy vibes! Opt for light, airy shades on walls and cabinets. This space-expanding trick reflects light, makes your bathroom feel bigger, and creates a serene atmosphere. Goodbye cramped feeling, hello spacious oasis.

Less is more! Embrace a minimalist aesthetic with essential items only. Declutter ruthlessly, keeping only what you truly need. This not only maximizes space but also creates a calm, uncluttered sanctuary in your small bathroom.

Out with the old, in with the spacious! Declutter regularly to prevent clutter buildup. Donate unused items, toss expired products, and say goodbye to anything you don’t truly love. This habit maximizes space, keeps your bathroom organized, and promotes a calmer, more Zen experience.

Tired of cramped counters? Choose furniture that works double duty! Opt for a vanity with built-in storage, a mirror with hidden compartments, or a shower caddy that dispenses soap. These multifunctional heroes maximize space, keep things organized, and add style—all in one fell swoop!

Shower smarter, not cluttered! Ditch the plain curtain and use one with built-in pockets. Stash shampoos, razors, and bath toys, maximizing shower storage without sacrificing style. Convenience meets organization, keeping your shower essentials close at hand and your bathroom clutter-free!

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